Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kids Are Ready To Step-Up

Steppin' Out With Jesus

PrayKids! Issue 8by Steve Hawthorne

--from PK Issue 8: Prayerwalking

Prayerwalking is one of the coolest ways to pray. It isn’t just about walking around or praying outside. Prayerwalking is about getting nearer to pray clearer. When families pray for their neighbors while taking a walk together,
that’s prayerwalking. When kids say a quiet prayer for their friends while they are at school, that’s prayerwalking—even though they’re not walking around or even praying out loud.

When we go prayerwalking, we usually walk along a street on the sidewalk with friends or family members. We pray for the people in the homes, schools, and businesses we pass by. We might pray out loud, but not very loud. There’s no reason to make a big scene. It’s really just a way to be on the scene.

Prayerwalking is full of surprises. Often when we pray for people, we don’t really know what their needs or problems are. But when we’re prayerwalking, we can sometimes pray more clearly because we get closer to the people and places that we know God wants to change in wonderful ways....

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