Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Corporate Prayer: Praying in Community

Learning from others in community prayer

I went to a seminar today at Light & Life Ministries in Elgin. The speaker was Phil Miglioratti (see my previous post) and the topic was primarily raising up more effective prayer in our churches. The entire seminar was incredible - if you ever get a chance to attend one of Phil’s seminars, I highly recommend it. But the point of this post is how uniquely he emphasized the importance of praying in community.

Praying in community is important for many reasons, several of which I cover in the book. But Phil emphasized one today that I hadn’t considered before, and that’s how we learn from each other when we pray together. I’ve often said that prayer is more than we think it is because God himself is bigger than we can possibly imagine. It follows naturally that none of us has all the answers on prayer and none of us prays in a way that completely captures all that prayer should be. As we pray together, then, we have the opportunity to learn about prayer and learn about God from the ways in which others pray. ===>Click headline for complete article . . .

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