Friday, October 09, 2009

A Prayer to Bless Your Pastor

Sunday, Oct. 11 is Clergy Sunday, a day to honor those who serve the Body of Christ.

I would like to bless your Pastor. Would you please print this out and hand it to him/her this Sunday? I can't be with them in person, but if I could, I would pray this prayer over them, that they might walk in all the grace God has for them.

Pastor, as a servant of the Lord Jesus, I extend a blessing to you today in His name. I bless you today in the power of Christ's resurrection, with the courage of His dying, and the strength of His rising. With the revelation of the Holy Spirit released to you through His ascending, and the grace imparted to you through His atonement.

May you stand today in the firm knowledge of His everlasting love for you, and experience in the depths of your soul the never-ending peace He has purchased for you. May you hear clearly what He speaks to You today, and may His words stir an overcoming faith in your heart.

May you walk in the center of the path He lays before you without fear, and with the conviction to move mountains that stand in your way. May you inspire those around you to seek out the God you serve, and find the rest you have found in His arms.

May you be blessed as you rise up and as you lie down. May your day be filled with the sweetness of serving others, and your night bring dreams and revelation of the God who loves you.

I bless you today with all that Christ has purchased for you. With forgiveness of sins, and freedom from guilt, with the Sabbath rest that frees you from religion. With the truth He revealed to set you free, and the faith he imparts to empower your life, and ministry

I bless you today in the resurrection power of Christ, with the courage of His dying, and strength of His rising. May you walk unafraid, rise above the struggles of this earthly life, and move in power from your position in the heavenlies where you are seated with Him. And may His name be glorified today through you life, and the Body of Christ be blessed through your service.

Blessings,Wayne Dillard

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