Monday, September 21, 2009

"A" is for Adoration


“Ad” means “to.” “Ora” means “mouth.” Thus the literal meaning of adoration is “to one’s mouth.” Romans performed the act of adoration by raising the hand to the mouth, kissing it and then waving it in the direction of the adored object. The word adoration came to mean, homage paid to one held in high esteem, as in worship. The early church felt that adoration was for God alone; feeling that adoration for any one or thing other than God was idolatry. However, controversy arose distinguishing adoration for God alone, from veneration which was accorded to the saints. In 787 the Second Council of Nicaea concluded adoration was for the worship of God alone, ruling the practice was not to be applied to earthly rulers, angels or saints. Seems to me we have reverted to the early church controversy. It was written of the disciples of Jesus, “When they saw Him, they worshiped Him” (Matt. 28:17). To earthly leaders, pastors, evangelists, counselors, ministers, helpers, etc, let us respect, honor, admire, and follow when such is due. But let us worship and adore Jesus only.===>Click headline to access Dr. Dan Crawford's website . . .

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FACE Lift said...

In the difficult circumstances of the past few months I still believed that God is God. Through the heartbreak and tears though I realized that even the demons believe that - it was then that I knew I had to make a deliberate decision to adore Him in my circumstances. With tears flowing down my face as I opened my mouth to express adoration - His comfort consumed me. Thank you for this lesson and all your Monday morning messages. Blessings! Kathy Branzell