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Uncommon Prayer ~ Jesus in each book of the Bible

>>>Distribute this list to each participant. Before interceding or requesting, ask pray-ers to give praise and thanks for these attributes/titles as a way of worshiping, lifting Christ , and increasing hope . . .

Luke 24:27: “Then Jesus took them through the writings of Moses and all the prophets, explaining from all the Scriptures the things concerning himself” NLT

Many people liken the Bible to two halves in a football game. The first half was before Jesus and the second half is with Jesus. But it is clear to me that Jesus appeared in all 66 books of the Bible.

Old Testament
Genesis --- My creator
Exodus --- My redeemer
Leviticus --- My sanctifier
Numbers --- My guide
Deuteronomy --- My teacher
Joshua --- My conqueror
Judges --- My victory
Ruth --- My redeemer
I Samuel --- Root of Jesse
2 Samuel --- Son of David
1 Kings --- King of Kings
2 Kings --- Lord of Lords
1 Chronicles --- My intercessor
2 Chronicles --- My high priest
Ezra --- My temple
Nehemiah --- My mighty Wall
Esther --- Stands in my gaps
Job --- My arbitrator
Psalms --- My song
Proverbs --- My wisdom
Ecclesiastes --- My purpose
Song of Solomon --- My lover
Isaiah --- My prince of peace
Jeremiah --- My balm of Gilead
Lamentations --- Ever-faithful
Ezekiel --- My wheel
Daniel --- My ancient of days
Hosea --- My faithful lover
Joel --- My refuge
Amos --- My husbandman
Obadiah --- Lord of the Kingdom
Jonah --- My salvation
Micah --- My judge
Nahum --- Jealous
Habakkuk --- Holy One
Zephaniah --- The Witness
Haggai --- Overthrows enemies
Zechariah --- Lord of Hosts
Malachi --- Messenger

New Testament
Matthew --- King of the Jews
Mark --- The servant
Luke --- The Son of Man
John --- The Son of God
Acts --- Savior of the world
Romans --- Righteousness of God
I Corinthians --- Rock that followed Israel
II Corinthians --- Triumphant one
Galatians --- Sets me free
Ephesians --- Head of the Church
Philippians --- My joy
Colossians --- My completeness
I Thessalonians --- My hope
II Thessalonians --- My patience and discipline
I Timothy --- My faith
II Timothy --- My stability
Titus --- My truth
Philemon --- My benefactor
Hebrews --- My perfection
James --- Power behind my faith
I Peter --- My example
II Peter --- My purity
I John --- My life
II John --- My pattern
III John --- My motivation
Jude --- Foundation of my faith
Revelation --- My coming King

Prayer: Father thank you for sending Jesus throughout the entire Bible for such a time as this. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Pastor Bill Team Prayer:
Father please bring 1............. 2............. 3.............. into your kingdom. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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