Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You CAN Have Your Own Prayer Conference

Wish you could take your whole group or congregation to a prayer conference?

Now you can bring it to them.

Journey Into the Presence of God . . . a conference of prayer on DVD

Dear prayer leader,

Do you want desperately for your church to be a house of prayer, but even though prayer is emphasized and there’s an effective prayer ministry, you still feel something’s missing?

What’s missing in many churches is congregational prayer at the heart of worship and effective corporate prayer in small groups. The problem isn’t a lack of desire, but that the vast majority of ministers and laymen have never been taught the skills of group prayer.

Years ago I asked the Lord to show me how to engage every person in my congregation in prayer. He answered my prayer and led me to write an article about what He had taught me. An editor saw it and suggested I write the book, Prayer Guide – A Manual for Leading Prayer. The first printing sold in less than a year. Then God opened the door for me to lead this conference in churches across the country. Now He’s made it possible for you to have it all in this DVD Leaders Kit.

Friend, I’m no genius, but I do know what works. This material is Biblical and works in real churches with regular people. Please follow the link below. Watch some video. Read some testimonials. Check out the session descriptions. Then ask the Lord if this isn’t something He’s prepared for your group or congregation.

Thank you for your time,

Lowell Snow

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glitterfaith said...

Checked out your video. Great. Totally agree that your relationship with God is vital.