Monday, June 29, 2009

Praying For Schools: Covering ALL the Bases

Christian Educators Association International Resources for Christian Educators in Private & Public Schools


Pray for Students
To have a teacher whose godly life-style draw them to a life of faith in Christ.
To be a witness and demonstrate God’s love in their attitude, speech, and behavior.
To discern truth in subjects being taught.
To resist drug and alcohol use and sexual temptation.
To have a safe educational environment.

Pray for Teachers
To demonstrate a maturing, Christ-like life.
To be the salt and light at their school.
To live in a way that fellow staff will be drawn to their Savior.
To see the potential of every student.
To be aware of the impact they have upon students.
To make a life of prayer a priority and find at least one other educator to pray with.

Pray for Parents
To be involved in their child(ren’s) education.
To attend school activities.
To accept leadership roles in parent groups.
To become active on their school board.
To build relationships with and support their child’s teacher(s).

Pray for Administrators
To support their staff mentally, emotionally, educationally and spiritually.
To provide an atmosphere of religious freedom that will encourage teachers to relate truths behind our national holidays.
To make their campus one where Equal Access is encouraged for student initiated and student led Bible clubs.
To allow their building to be one where teachers may freely gather prior to and after the school day for prayer.
To provide a positive atmosphere for the potential drop out and at-risk students in order to alter their lives.

Pray for School Boards
To hire men & women of high moral standards.
To follow the law in regard to Equal Access.
To set a standard for religious liberty for students and staff.

Pray for Those in Higher Education
For students to have Godly wisdom to discern truth and not fall prey to false philosophies.
For students to live and respond in class so others might ask a reason for their faith.
For professors to allow academic freedom of expression and not demean a student’s faith.

Pray for Legislators
To encourage local control, limit legislation regarding home and private schools and to be positive role models.
To pass legislation that upholds traditional morals for home, school, and the workplace.

Pray for Churches and Faith Communities
To honor their educators and recognize the value of their contributions to youth.
To support educational institutions by praying for them and by individual volunteerism.
To make the home, school and church (worship congregations) a unit in the moral education of our youth.

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Brian Jones said...

Hi Phil,

I was wondering how you think my latest blog post meshes with this interview.

Phil Miglioratti said...


I agree ... but, since prayer is essentially the communication part of a relationship, the emphasis should be on listening, sharing, learning- time spent together should not be measured in minutes but in moments. So, you are right. BUt it is also good to spend much time together with the one you love and serve.

Your thoughts?