Friday, June 12, 2009

Prayer Patrol

Ministry Tip: Prayer Patrol

by Rhonda Weese

Hundreds of citizens in our city have found a way to help our police force and firefighters without ever leaving home. How? By joining the Prayer Patrol.

This prayer program began more than a year ago through the efforts of a local minister. After praying for a police officer at a National Day of Prayer gathering, the minister contacted other churches and prayer groups to see if they'd be interested in joining an ongoing prayer effort for police and firefighters. They were.

City police and firefighters have embraced these prayers with open arms. At least one officer now believes more strongly than ever in the power of prayer. Just days after 3,000 people had prayed for this man's protection, he survived five gunshot wounds.

If your church or prayer group would like to try a police and firefighters protection program, here are some suggestions.

Present your plan to other churches and prayer groups in your city, and solicit their involvment.

Find out how your town's police and fire departments are set up. Our Florida county is divided into several patrol areas, so each prayer group gets the names of all police and firefighters in its zone.

Divide up these names for placement on the monthly prayer calendar for your zone. The calendar will need to be updated and distributed regularly.

Stop by the police and fire stations in your zone to post the prayer calendar. Police and firefighters often check to see whose names are listed for prayer each day....

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