Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Promoting Your Prayer Ministry

Ways to Promote the Prayer Ministry

by Jill Griffith

Need fresh ideas on how to increase awareness of and interest in your local church prayer ministry? Try these:

1.Submit announcements and articles about the prayer ministry to the church newsletter.

2. Insert weekly prayer announcements in the church bulletin, including church needs, names of those hospitalized, names of the bereaved, a pastor or staff member to be prayed for throughout the week, and so on.

3. Create pew cards which include space to write out detailed prayer requests and to indicate interest in becoming an intercessor in the prayer ministry. The cards are an excellent, non-threatening way to identify the needs and hurts of the local body and provide prayer requests for intercessors. They should be followed up with a note of encouragement, assuring that the request is being prayed for.

4. Designate one month each year as prayer emphasis month. Be consistent from year to year. Include creative prayer reminders in the weekly bulletin and/or church newsletter. Schedule a prayer event each week. You may want to offer a prayer class during this month.

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