Monday, May 11, 2009

Developing Your Prayer Leading Skill Set

Critical Prayer for Critical Times

Let's be honest,

The alarming financial crisis, devastating fires and threats of pandemic, calls for a Church desperate in prayer.

For the Church to surge beyond around-the-circle, down-the-list kind of praying, we are in immediate need of leaders who are skilled in facilitating Spirit-led, Scripture-fed, corporate praying.

Too many pastors and ministry leaders are untrained and under-skilled, which has led to uninspired and under-attended prayer meetings.

This must change! ... which is why we are inviting you to Reaching The Summit ---

DATE: August 4-6, 2009
TIME: Tuesday noon through 4pm Thursday
LOCATION: Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Forth Worth, TX
MORE: Our sessions will be in the seminary's beautiful Riley Conference Center

August seems so far away, doesn't it?

As we look at our timetable for "Reaching the Summit," though, it seems like August is moving up on us very QUICKLY! We need to send deposits, book airfare, decide on menus, etc. As good stewards, we desire to base these decisions on educated estimates and not guesses. We are hoping you can help us out -- and in return, we have a gift for you!

We know that many of you intend to come to the Summit. Register by June 15 and you will receive a FREE gift when you arrive at the Summit. We would like to thank you with your choice of Fresh Encounters or PRAYzing! by Daniel Henderson, or Prayer Summits by Dr. Joe Aldrich.

If you are not a pastor, please forward this to your pastor and encourage him or her to come. Better yet -- provide a scholarship for your pastor to attend. You never know how this gift might change your church!

By registering early, you not only receive a free gift, you also have a better chance of getting an on-site room (click here for accommodation info). As we pray and plan for this Summit, we are so excited about coming together with you for these days of impact, encouragement, joy, and hope!

Take a look at how Prayer Summits have impacted one pastor and his congregation in Indiana:

Several years ago Pastor Mark Vroegop was exposed to worship-based prayer while attending a Prayer Summit. Mark admits he had reservations about attending the event, thinking that it would be boring to spend two days just praying. What he realized is that it was just the opposite. "We met with God," he says, "and it was the most free-flowing, Spirit-fed, Scripture-oriented thing I'd ever been a part of, and it grabbed was so right. I left saying, 'This is how church is supposed to be, and how can I bring it back to my church?'" Mark made taking this to his church a focus, and has since "infected" two churches with the vision of worship-based prayer.

In March, close to 100 people from College Park Baptist Church of Indianapolis followed Mark, their pastor, in a day and a half of worshiping God using Scripture and song. One woman summed it up this way: "God moved in a mighty way in the heart of my husband at the Prayer Summit. I am not sure what happened there, but he has already put in place some major changes in our daily lives, and he is prayerfully considering more. I am talking radical change to a very busy work schedule, planned times to witness to co-workers and neighbors, lifting me up in prayer and encouragement like never before, and even selling our house to downsize again. Please understand; I have been blessed to be married to a godly man for almost 20 years, but it is clear to me that he has grown closer to the Lord and the desires He has for his life through the Prayer Summit."

Mark was excited to share this experience with his people and looks forward to how they will bring the vision back to College Park. "I had four or five people ask if we would be doing this again," he says. "It has created an appetite for more, and to share with those who didn't attend. When you have met with God in a way that is meaningful and powerful, you want others to experience it too. Prayer Summits set people up for that. They meet God and want to tell others." Church bodies change when they begin to meet with God in a personal way. Mark is just one example of how the ministry of Strategic Renewal can impact a pastor and then an entire body of believers. College Park Church also holds Fresh Encounters once a month and a prayer and fast Wednesday once a month.

For more information on "Reaching the Summit," visit our website,, or call Lori at 916-489-4774. We are excited about what God has planned for us August 4-6. Don't miss out!

A Prayer Summit . . .

is not like a conference where you can pick and choose which seminars and workshops to attend and where your primary interest is what you take away from it.

Rather, there is a flow in a Prayer Summit from session to session and Prayer Summit participants are not just receivers but contributors as well.

Plus, Reaching The Summit is designed to be a "lab" experience. Through workshops, discussion and debriefing, your facilitation team will seek to provide you with a transforming experience -

Expect to be equipped to lead corporate prayer for large or small groups in a new, spiritually satisfying manner.

It is time the vision-casting, sermon-preaching, goal-setting, decision-making leaders of Christ's congregations increase their prayer leading capacity.

It is time to swim in deeper water.

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