Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Uncommon Prayer ~ 365 Names of Christ: Resource for Corporate Praying

Hi My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I'm sending you a document I've been working on for quite awhile. It is 365 Names of Christ, going in order from early in the Old Testament through Revelation. There is one name of Christ per each day of 2009 (I know we're already into March of this year, but let's just start using it as soon as we can), and the passage of Scripture that contains the name. In a few cases, there are a couple names. I just thought it worked well to have those names together. There may be some names which appear to be duplicates of other names (like High Priest and Great High Priest). A few names might more appropriately be attributes or descriptions of Christ, rather than names.

Please try to remember that the Names of Christ is meant as a resource or tool that (hopefully) can give us more of the knowledge of the glory of Jesus, more passion, more awe, more praise of/for Him, etc. All of that, and much more, has happened in my heart and mind as I discovered these parts of our "indescribable" Christ. And, in most cases, I've included several verses around the verse that contains the name of the day, because the Scripture teachings, accounts, promises, commands, exhortations, miracles, warfare, and much more, revolve around Christ and His name.

What I personally do each day with the name and Scripture passage is (you might want to do this too):
  • Read the name and passage in the morning
  • Meditate on the name and passage throughout the day
  • Praise Christ that He is The Branch of the Lord (for March 16)
  • Ask Him to give me "nugget" from that name and passage, then briefly share that nugget with one other person (of course I can share it with more people if God directs me to do so. God, the Father, can never get enough of us giving His beloved Son honor and glory)
  • Pray that all that is represented by the name of Christ of the day will be fulfilled in my life, in my family, in my children's schools, in my neighborhood, in the businesses, public agencies, fire and police, medical facilities....and more, so that a "Culture of Christ" will build in my community, this whole region and across the nation.
I pray that God will use this process to profoundly awaken me and you, and all possible other Christ-followers to Christ for all who He is!

There are many people I want to thank for pouring Christ into me during the past 30+ years (I am thrilled that this journey into more and more of Him has "only just begun"). I have listed a few people and their writings at the end of the Names of Christ document that have provided me with many names, especially David Bryant and Pastor Ted Corley. The Names of Christ is not mine, it's all of ours, so feel free to re-format it, use it differently than I've suggested above, send it to other people, put it on your website, etc. One thing I do ask for 2009, though, is that we leave the 365 names in the order they're currently in. I very much welcome anyone to point out areas that can be changed, but, for 2009, I think it will please Christ for His people across this country to be as united as possible (Matt. 18:19-20). I know my efforts are not perfect, but can we assume they're good enough to accomplish the Lord's purposes?===>Click headline to access the list . . .

Steve Hall

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Anonymous said...

I understand the desire to see Christ in every Scripyure but some of the so called names of Christ on that List are really not Names of Crist. Some Scriptures need to be taken as they are as it take away from the truth of the Word itself.

Phil Miglioratti said...

Dear Anonymous,

It may be more correct to title it 365 Names and Attributes of Christ but I am not concerned that mislabeling an attribute as a name will take away from the Word itself.

Thank you for your concern.

Steve Hall said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comments. I compiled this document and called it the "Names of Christ". Please forgive me for stretching what is truly a name of Christ to include some of His attributes. My intent was (and is) to have a tool that could help myself and other believers become more and more consumed in the vastness of and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ. As I read and meditate on the "names" each day, praise Christ for that part of who He is, share what I've discovered that day with my family and other believers, and pray that that name or attribute of Him will saturate every person, place and thing that God brings into my life, I am surely "living and moving and having my being" more in Him each day. I thank the Lord for you, my brother.