Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How to Pray in an Economic Crisis

Illustration of the Week from PreachingToday.comHow to Pray in an Economic Crisis

During one of the most volatile periods of the current economic crisis—a week in which global stock markets declined by $7 trillion—Philip Yancey received a call from an editor at Time magazine. The editor's question was simple: "How should a person pray during a crisis like this?" Here is a summary of what Yancey shared in response:

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jerry@soundofdavid.com said...

I would Pray that Gods will be done at all Cost even our own Hurt so the Kingdom can Come on Earth as it is already Done in Heaven. Let Him have His WAY.

Jerry Ddonnell said...

Pray that the Money comes into the Kingdom So the Godspel of Christ can be preached for a Witness.