Saturday, December 27, 2008

Simple Steps to Praying "For & With" Unbelievers

The 'chainsaw method' of the Kingdom

Eight years ago Tineke Hanique started a 'Practice for Prayer Healing' in her hometown Eindhoven. People who suffer from all kinds of illnesses or disabilities can call in or come along to receive a prayer of blessing or healing in the name of Jesus. Since she started her practice, over 1,200 people have come to faith in Jesus. Every week on average three people come to Christ.

The first step in this process is offering prayer. "Jesus always gave people what they really needed," says Tineke. "He healed the sick, delivered those who lived under demonic oppression, gave strength to the weak, and food to the hungry. This is also what I give to people by praying for their needs. I can do this everywhere and it's quite simple. Whether it's on the phone, or in the street, or in the shop, there are always people willing to share about their problems and illnesses."

Tineke is convinced that we need the power of the Holy Spirit when engaging with people about Jesus. "You can cut trees with an axe, a handsaw, or a chainsaw," she says. "Now, there's nothing wrong with an axe or a handsaw, but a chainsaw is so much more effective! We can help people encounter God and enter the Kingdom with words, or with compassion in combination with miracle power. Jesus always did the latter, which is what I call the chainsaw method of the Kingdom!"

"First I always listen to people," says Tineke. "Then I express that I really feel sorry for them, and offer to bless them with a simple prayer, asking God to heal them or meet their need. I always add: 'Of course only if you want me to pray'. People always appreciate it if you offer to pray for them. Sometimes they say: 'Yes, but I don't really believe in God'. My reply is always: 'You don't have to believe in God, what matters is that I believe, which is sufficient.' Then I offer to pray for them straight away, assuring that it only takes two seconds and that I will keep my eyes open. Every time I found that God really meets people and they sense it, either at that very moment, or in the following days."

Source: Tineke Hanique, Joel News Netherlands

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