Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Prayer Facilitator's First Steps


Feedback from someone who attended training on how to facilitate worship-based corporate praying . . .

After going through all the explanations and teaching about what we were about to be doing, we began. There was dead silence. A silent prayer shot up to Heaven, “God, I do not know what to do if no one participates! Help!” Soon after, someone prayed, then another and another. They got it! Praise God!

One man shared that when he arrived he was not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

What I found out:

· Leading something of this nature is much different than simply being a participant. Duh! What I mean is, it was difficult for me to “enter in.” The other participants were probably not aware, but trying to listen and keep things moving, etc. was distracting.

· Co-facilitators are extremely important and fundamental to the success of the event

· I can see how something of this nature would be very beneficial for pastors to participate in for a refreshing touch from God. The pastors at the summit this summer appeared to be revitalized by the 3+ day experience.

· Remember to hand out scripture verses

· Keep the group in a smaller room and make sure everyone can hear (smaller is better and more intimate)

· Sit down or have one of the co-facilitators sit to model that it is OK to sit if you need to

· Hand out the evaluation forms ahead of time

· There are a lot of people hungering after more of God

· God is always faithful

· When Jesus is allowed to touch a life, that life will be changed

Our pastor wants to talk to me about what we did in the retreat to perhaps try to do something similar at our church!

Thanks for your help and input !

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1 comment:

CarolG said...

Phil: You are right on I begin to step our in the faith community and away from my home church, I see that there are some things that "the more they change, the more they remain the same!" Also, keeping in mind: "Blessed are those who are flexible for they shall bend and not break!" As you know, six weeks worth of planning can render us feeling six feet under depending on who is showing up and who is taking space.

Thanks again for all you do for me.