Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Prayer Website is a Treasure Trove of Resources


New Web Site on Prayer

This web site is dedicated to the church's need for Biblical prayer meetings. It contains 100s of books and articles on prayer and corporate prayer.===>Click headline to access the site . . .

The objective is:
1. To bring Christians to a mature experience of prayer in their relationship with God.
2. To bring churches to a mature experience and dedicated practice of corporate prayer.

Both the individual and the church must have a strong prayer life for the Holy Spirit to work through them. Both of these expressions of prayer are connected to the other. Each supports and advances the other.

A congregation without a prayer meeting is essentially defective in its organization, and so must be limited in its efficiency. The Prayer Meeting and Its History, J. B. Johnston

Our Vision:
Pastor-led, local church-oriented movements of Christ-exalting, worship-based prayer – leading to a full-scale revival, supernatural evangelism and cultural transformation.

This web site is provided by:

Bob Hill, Church Relations Specialist
Strategic Renewal International

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1 comment:

John Burton said...

Love your mission statement... excellent. Just preached in Michigan on "20 Elements of Revival" and hit hard on the power of strategic, focused, corporate fiery prayer. God moved quite dramatically!