Sunday, July 06, 2008

Measuring A Congregation's Prayer Commitment

20 Ways to Measure the Seriousness of the Church's Commitment to Prayer
by Doug Small

  1. Prayer is included in the institutional mission statement and core values.
  2. The consideration in engaging the pastor was not just on his preaching, but on his personal commitment to prayer. Prayer is a part of the pastor's job description.
  3. Leadership meetings are marked by extended seasons of prayer.
  4. There is a regular - not less than once a month - church-wide prayer service in which prayer is the main thing, if not the only thing on the agenda.
  5. Prayer, not merely prayer requests, is a part of every worship gathering.
  6. Members pray at home - daily.
  7. Families practice, or at least are attempting to establish, family altar experiences.
  8. A significant number of people in the congregation are committed to prayer and demonstrate that commitment by showing up for prayer meetings.
  9. Intercessors have been identified and are regularly engaged.
  10. There is a prayer leadership team.
  11. The church has a prayer room or prayer center open seven days a week, and people use it.
  12. There is regular teaching and training on prayer.
  13. A number of prayer groups meet during the week and are open to new members so that numerous opportunities for small group prayer take place in the course of any given week.
  14. Answers to prayer are celebrated.
  15. The church staff prays together - at least weekly.
  16. The elders or church council prays together.
  17. There is a definitive prayer evangelism focus, including prayer for those who do not yet know Christ in a saving and satisfying way.
  18. Money is appropriated in the church budget to support the prayer ministry of the church.
  19. Men are being encouraged to pray and regularly gathered for prayer. Intercession is not merely a women's phenomenon.
  20. Youth and children are being discipled in prayer

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Phil Miglioratti has prepared "A Diagnostic Tool To Assess the Prayer Life of a Congregation," a guide that will assist you in the process of assessing how much progress you have made to becoming a truly prayer-saturated congregation. Download the guide, make copies for your leaders and members, and get ready for some surprises!

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Skyler Casey said...

God Bless You and Thank You for clearly understanding this foundational principle of any real church---Prayer!

I clicked on your link to download your *tools* pdf. at the end of your blog. The link wasn't available. When will you have the tool available?

Thank you again. I really appreciate your blog.

Phil Miglioratti said...

Thank you Skyler,

For the comment and for the alert - I have fixed the link. Please try again and let me know how it works for you (the link and the tool!),