Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kids Love to Pray Too because God Speaks!


New Curriculum for Kids available!

Pebbles and Stones has three curriculum packages currently available for use with neighborhood groups, Para church organizations, families, and churches interested in the “intergenerational/journaling/listening/” approach that makes Pebbles and Stones uniquely beautiful in connecting people with our God. The packages include lessons based on the Pebbles and Stones model, an accompanying journal book. Each packet also contains a music CD with songs specific to the lessons and instrumental tracks for the group contemplative time. Please call or email us if you would like to talk to Kathleen about using one of these packages in your area of interest. Our new Introduction Packet has an overview of all three for you.

Kids Love to pray TOO! is based on Love to Pray by Dr. Alvin Vandergriend. The eight lessons are designed to encourage loving to pray. They lead to the conclusion that prayer is about the friendship between God and his children.

God Speaks: The Bible is full of stories about God’s friends who spent time with God, talking. God Speaks explores the various ways that God spoke through Adam and Eve, Abraham and others.

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