Friday, July 11, 2008

Children - A Wise Investment?

“God receives us just as we are and accepts our prayers just as they are.

In the same way that a small child cannot draw a bad picture, so a child of
God cannot offer a bad prayer.”- Richard Foster

Dear Friends,

We have just concluded the Children in Prayer Global Consultation in Chennai, India. 150-160 from 35 nations took part in what was one of the richest and most impacting events I have ever taken part in. Though the transport strike affected other parts of the nation, it did not affect Chennai as we had feared. Praise the Lord who so wonderfully answered! Thanks so much for your prayers about this and for the consultation. I wish you all could have been there to experience this seminal event yourselves.

We heard many presentations from around the world on the rapidly developing CiP movement and celebrated the wonders of God in raising up children to pray for community transformation, children at risk, national and global issues. Some participants testified that the last global consultation in Malaysia had changed their lives and ministries deeply. One of the leaders of a local humanitarian organization who caught the vision last time told us that his organization is now moving to include CiP in all 260 of their projects in India. They have seen such amazing miracles happen through the prayers of the children in their programs that they hope to adopt it in all the other countries where they work as well.

One of the many highlights was praying with over 1000 children at the Royal Kids prayer center near Chennai. In total, there are over 8000 children in program. Many of these children were picked up from the garbage, unwanted babies from poor families. Some come from HIV or leprosy- affected families. Others were little girls used as temple prostitutes and terribly abused. It was a deeply moving experience for all of us to see how the Lord is bringing healing and restoration through education programs coupled with teaching the kids how to engage in intercessory prayer. The kids are on fire to know Jesus and in many cases are leading their parents to Him. They also run the prayer center with 24/7 teams that pray for the nations.

Through the IPC, we have made a video about the CiP movement which you can inquire about ordering from the International Prayer Council office if you like at:

With all my being, I believe this movement is a “God-thing” that comes from His heart. There were a number of prophetic messages to this effect, indicating that the Lord would take CiP to the ends of the earth. At the same time, there is a need for watchfulness since the evil one would like to discredit and snuff it out if he can. Please pray for protection over this movement and all of us who have the joy of being part of it. Pray for the effective
implementation of the visions and strategies that participants received during the consultation.

On a personal note, after 23 years with World Vision International, I will be leaving my position as Director of Global Prayer Partnerships at the end of this month. It has been a huge blessing to serve Christ through an
institution that is making such a difference in the lives of the poor and their children around the world. From now on, as the Lord enables and leads, I hope to devote myself more fully to the International Prayer Council, the Transformation Prayer Foundation, the Children in Prayer movement and other vital aspects of the global prayer movement. Thanks so much for your support of the many prayer initiatives I have been privileged
to share with you. I hope to continue doing so.

Warmest regards, John Robb

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