Saturday, June 14, 2008

Prayer Station Warning!

NOT a good idea when you are holding a
"Free Lemonade; Free Prayer" station...!

The Kool-Aid Stand

Carl A. Boyle, a sales representative, was driving home when he saw a
group of young children selling Kool-Aid on a corner in his
neighborhood. They had posted the typical hand scrawled sign over
their stand: "Kool-Aid, 10 cents." Carl was intrigued. He pulled over
to the curb. A young man approached and asked if he would like
strawberry or grape Kool-Aid. Carl placed his order and handed the
boy a quarter. After much deliberation, the children determined he
had some change coming and rifled through their cigar box until they
finally came up with the correct amount. The boy returned with the
change, then stood by the side of the car. He asked if Carl was
finished drinking. "Just about," said Carl. "Why?" "That's the only
cup we have, "answered the boy, "and we need it back to stay in

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