Sunday, May 04, 2008

RESORUCE ~ Simultaneous Global Series on Prayer

Four weeks. One Prayer.

The Church stands together like never before. is partnering with hundreds of churches globally to do a series simultaneously called One Prayer. The series will begin on the weekend of June 7-8 and run for a total of four weeks. The premise of the series is, "If God would answer 'one prayer' for the church at large, what would you pray?"

// why

This series serves several purposes. Specifically, we believe it will...

  • Promote unity in the body of Christ.
  • Expose churches to other great teachers and ministries.
  • Empower churches to experiment with video teaching.
  • Infuse spiritual passion into a typically challenging month.
  • Give the senior pastor a three-week break from teaching.
  • Raise money for a mission project.
  • Teach our people to fast, pray, and seek God in concert with thousands of other believers.
  • Participate in the larger work of God in His church.

"One Prayer" is designed to be flexible enough to serve the mission and schedule of each local church. Most churches will likely participate for the entire four-week series. However, other churches may choose to do it for fewer than four weeks, or even for more, depending upon the heartbeat of the church.

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