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Training Leaders for Reflection and Prayer Days and Short Retreats

Dr. Evelyn C. Davis, Wycliffe and SIL International Training Consultant, is glad to announce that Lutheridge Retreat near Asheville, NC, where she will be doing the complete Reflection and Prayer Training May 14-23, 2008 has now opened up some available space for leaders (and others) to join the group May 19 to 23.

Those who want to attend may arrive any of the days listed above and stay for a few days, or for the entire short session. For the detailed information, with a short application form, contact

A Special Opportunity (choose the dates you can attend)

Evelyn Davis, Ed.D. International Training Consultant, Wycliffe and SIL or Mobile phone: 828-450-2093

I will be facilitating the Training Leaders for Reflection and Prayer Days and Short Retreats at Lutheridge near Asheville, NC May 14-23.

A number of you have indicated that you would like to attend, but that your schedule is such that you can’t be away for nine nights and ten days. I am delighted to inform you that Lutheridge has some available rooms for several of the days that we will be there, and so I invite you to join us.

There are no rooms available until Monday, May 19th. You may join us on Monday, and stay as many nights as you would like. We leave Friday morning, May 23rd. Here are the days/topics:

. Monday AfternoonPrayer Areas and Issues (arrive by Monday noon)

. Tuesday - The Servant Leader (arrive by Monday night)

. Wednesday - NT Images of Adult Growth and Change (arrive by Tuesday night)

. Thursday - Let’s Pray! —how to lead prayer sessions (arrive by Wednesday night)

. Friday Morning - Prayer, Sharing, Evaluation, Communion (we conclude late morning)

As above, you can arrive any day, and stay as many nights as you choose. On Monday there is a separate topic for the morning and afternoon, so you should arrive by noon to experience the afternoon topic. But for the other topics, note that you need to arrive at least by the evening before the day of that topic. You will not experience a topic well unless you are present for all of it! However, if you arrive earlier than the evening on the day before your first topic, you are welcome to ‘sit in’ on whatever the group is doing.

A short application form is on the second page—please fill it in and return to me electronically.

Summary of the Cost:

  1. A registration fee of $25.00. Note the information on the application form re how to pay.
  2. The accommodations and meals are $55.00 a night. If you are there for part of a day, then Lutheridge will tell you the individual meal cost. The good news is that the Foundation that gives scholarships will pay $25.00 a day for you. You will write your check to Lutheridge for the balance before you depart.
  3. The foundation will also pay for your copy of the topic(s) that you attend. If you want copies of the other materials used in the Reflection and Prayer sessions, some will be available for you to purchase, and the updated CDs will be available for you to purchase as well.
  4. Your other cost will be the travel. If you can get a ticket into the Asheville airport for a reasonable price, please do so, as Lutheridge is only 20 minutes away (and we will arrange pickups). If it is cheaper for you to fly into Charlotte, rent a car at the airport there, and turn it in at the Asheville airport (we will still arrange a pickup at the Asheville airport for you).
  5. Be sure to let us know your arrival time and pickup needs. If you are driving and need the directions, let us know that as well.

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