Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prayer? Think About It, Please...

Thinking and Praying

Do you think much before you pray? How about thinking as you pray?

I’ve observed several categories of pray-ers. Some just begin full speed ahead and spontaneously pray all over the place. Others seem so organized that even the Holy Spirit would have difficulty intervening. Still others simply string together learned phrases without much thought – “lead, guide and direct;” “bless the gift and the giver.” Then again there are those who cannot pray a complete sentence without using the word “just” at least once – “just bless;” “just watch over us;” “just help us.” I call it the Prayer of the Just. It is a biblical fact that God hears some prayers and chooses to not hear others (Isa. 59:2; Jn. 9:31).

It strikes me that perhaps the prayers that God chooses to not hear are the ones that are not divinely inspired to be offered. Valid, out-spoken prayers may be the result of quiet, in-spoken inspiration from God. How else would God know what we need before we ask and be in the process of responding to us even as we intercede? So, maybe we should listen more and talk less. Sounds like what I was told as a child.

Perhaps as a child of God, I need to be told again. How about you?

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