Thursday, February 07, 2008

Revitalizing an 80 Year Old Congregation

Do you have any helps or tips on revitalizing our church prayer chain or the ministry of prayer within our congregation? I’m going to meet with the 2 ladies that have headed it up for years. They have 6 teams of 5 members each. What do other churches do? Do guys take lead in this area? We are an 80 year old congregation with an average Sunday attendance of 1,000. Thanks for all you do to help folks with prayer Phil.

Good to hear from you Pastor.

Several ideas/comments:

A Prayer Chain is important but it is only one way into the movement of prayer in a church.

Levels of prayer:
1st ...Prayer is an activity - like chains, prayer rooms, prayer meetings

2nd ... Prayer is a ministry - good development if this team seeks to saturate prayer into every existing ministry
3rd ... Prayer is first a strategy, then we build a ministry, then we choose our activities that fit the strategy

1. Integrate prayer into every members life at home and at work and at "play" (community connections)
2. Saturate prayer into every ministry; every ministry leader is a champion of prayer that produces plans and power for ministry
3. Penetrate prayer into the community by praying
> For the neighborhoods and needs of the community
> In the community
> With the community (neighbors, mayors, etc)

Books to start the process:
- House of Prayer (
- (same title) (
- Prayer Saturated Church (NavPress)

Let me know how the meeting goes - Glad to give more feedback,

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