Thursday, December 06, 2007

Your Leader Needs Your Prayers

Dr. Dan's Monday Morning Memo: Leading . . . in the Need of Prayer

In my book, The Prayer-Shaped Disciple, I list three reasons why ministers need a prayer support team: (1) leaders have a greater responsibility than followers, (2) spiritual leaders are more frequent victims of spiritual conflict, (3) because of their greater visibility, Satan loves to discredit leaders and damage their ministry. I want to challenge you to pray daily for your pastor and other ministers who have influence on your life. In recent weeks I have heard more stories than I care to count, of ministers in desperate need of prayer support – staring at monumental decisions, under heavy stress, burdened by family challenges, weighed down by physical health issues, facing church division, and some facing issues that weren’t even on the radar five years ago.

James 5:16 instructs us to “pray for one another.” Very few “one anothers” in your life need your prayer support more than your pastor or spiritual leader. Would you pause right now and pray for your pastor/spiritual leader?

Then would you please pray for me, asking that my Monday Morning Memos would be so Holy Spirit directed that, whatever the subject matter, they would minister to you, week by week?

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