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RESOURCE ~ Acts 29 Offers Strategic Training

"Acts 29: Fifty Days to Invite the Holy Spirit" by Terry Teykl

I just finished reading Acts 29: Fifty Days of Prayer to Invite the Holy Spirit by Dr. Terry Teykl [Prayer Point Press, 1999]. The premise of this short (but oh-so-powerful) book is that Christians can use a combination of prayer and the Bible (specifically the chapter of Acts) as a tool to bring about redemption (i.e., “radical giving”, “healing”, “astounding community life”, “compassion” for those who are “hurting, confused and unlovable”) to a city.

Although this sounds like what the Bible and prayer together are supposed to do, as Christians we often forget the true and beautiful power of prayer and the Holy Spirit. This book is about reclaiming that power: “reading the testimonies of how the Holy Spirit moved so dramatically in lives and cities [in Acts],” and “simply asking the Spirit to do the same things in and through our congregation.”

The book starts with some short chapters describing the concept of praying through Acts, and then ends with ten small devotional chapters. Each devotional chapter begins with a reference to some verses in Acts and then expands on those verses with ways in which we can apply those verses to our lives today.

Anyone who embarks on this spirit-filled journey will read, learn and pray about corporate prayer, public schools, government officials, brokenness, honor, faith, compassion, and so much more.

My husband and I just moved to a new city and began attending a new church. I wanted to immediately march into the pastor’s office, book in hand, and say, “This is what our church and city need. Let’s do it.” But I’m waiting until I become a bigger part of their community. As soon as that happens, I pray that our church – and other churches in the city and around the nation – will use this valuable tool, which is designed to lay “aside personal agendas” to “see how the Kingdom can be advanced.” Dr. Teykl provides great examples of astounding answers to prayers that he’s seen when churches start on this journey. But I’ll hold off on details about these miracles since I hope and pray you’ll read the book too because any ministry would benefit from using prayer to “release [the Holy Spirit] to work in us and in our church and city.”

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