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Fire Up Your People!

Conferences Can Fire Up Your People

CPLN Speakers Are Available


As a prayer leader, I am sure you are always looking for ways to encourage, train and fire up your people in prayer. With 2008 around the corner, why not plan a conference or prayer weekend? The CPLN has gifted speakers among our staff and representatives who can have an impact on your congregation. The costs may be less than you think.

The CPLN also looks for a few partnering churches each year who will host a regional event. This will cost a church slightly more than bringing in a single speaker, but the event positions the host as a regional church that seeks to bless its community.

To be selected a church must be able to seat at least 350 and have break out space for workshops. The church pays CPLN $2,000 plus lunches for its people who attend. In exchange, we bring in two keynote speakers, plus some workshop presenters. The church's people can come free to the event; we make the rest of our needed income from selling registrations regionally.

Click here for more information

Jonathan Graf

Jon Graf is the president of CPLN and the founder of Pray! magazine. His heart for the average believer in the pew who struggles to connect with God in prayer causes his Learning to Pray with Faith and Purpose seminars (content from his book The Power of Personal Prayer) to impact churches powerfully. His content comes out of his own struggle and growth in prayer, and his, warm, come-alongside attitude helps connect him with anyone in the audience.

He still has a few spring dates open, but has a number of available weekends next summer and fall. Click here for more information.
Ginny Kisling

Ginny Kisling is our Western Regional Director and resides in San Jose, CA where for eight years she was a prayer leader in a local church.. Her heart is to see everyone involved in prayer in the local church. A gifted communicator, Ginny currently takes bookings mostly in Central and Northern California. Click here to email her for information.
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Phil Miglioratti, our network facilitator and ambassador at large has a big heart to see praying churches. He especially likes to see churches involved in prayer evangelism--taking prayer and people out of the seats, and putting them in the streets. He also has a strong passion for city-reaching, and works as a city reaching facilitator for Mission America Coalition. Click here for more information.

Bring Your Prayer Team to Us Take a Retreat Together
Some of the best insights come when people are away from the busyness of every day life. Have you ever considered the possibility of taking your prayer team on a retreat?

The CPLN has access to a prayer retreat center--run by JoLyn and Jon Graf--and we would love to host you. In fact if you planned your retreat at a time when Jon was home (usually during the week), he would be happy consult with your group at very reduced rates.

Two cabins and a prayer chapel on 65 acres with a beautiful 4.5 acre lake in western Indiana make for a wonderful place to connect with God. Click here for more information.

Our CPLN repsresentatives are not officially on staff with CPLN, but have hearts for the local church and their visions are similar to ours as they focus on helping to build churches into houses of prayer..
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Dennis and Betty Jo Conner, our Southwestern Reps regularly team with churches both in weekend events and long term relationship to help grow houses of prayer that are kingdom churches. Click here for more information.
John and Kerry Shuey

John and Kerry Shuey, our Northeastern Reps reside in central Pennsylvania. Their ministry takes them around the world, but their heart for the church and intercession make them effective in helping local churches grow prayer ministry. Click here for more information.

A prayer emphasis weekend can have a huge impact on a local church. It can be life-changing for many people if done well. Not only can the CPLN help facilitate this, but our parent ministry, Harvest Prayer Ministries also has a collection of speakers available for prayer weekends. Click here for infomation.

And, if you haven't checked it out, remember that the password protected section of our website has a speakers' bureau. These are not CPLN speakers, but are people who we respect that also do prayer weekends around the country. Click here for information.

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