Friday, November 09, 2007

Reader's Book Review ~ How to be Heard in Heaven

How to be Heard in Heaven
Title: How To Be Heard In Heaven
Thesis: Prayer
Implication: how to pray prayers that Father will hear and how not to negate those prayers.
Comment: This book on prayer more than any other I have read has expanded my understanding of Kingdom prayer. My prayers have been heard before but after reading this book I can but wonder why. The answer to that question is at the beginning of the book; God answers praying people NOT prayers. How gracious our Father is. Now I have to rethink the way I pray and attempt to apply what I have learned. Eddie says on the back cover: "This book is about change". That is a true statement.

Phil, thanks for this book! This one is a Godsend===>Click headline to access the book online . . .

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