Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sacred Assembly a "Wow! moment"

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Pastor's Note
The word around FCC this week seems to be "WOW". In the 12 years since FCC began, never have we had a service like the one we enjoyed here last Sunday night. Our Sacred Assembly was nothing short of - well, WOW. It's hard to put in words the electrifying spirit that was present. From the moment people walked through the doors, they knew they were in for a very special evening. The curtain across the front of the stage shielded the worship band from the audience. The cross on the center of the stage pointed people to Christ. The prayer stations in the corners of the room ushered people into God's presence for forgiveness, reconciliation and intimacy with Him. The corporate prayers of confession by our elders helped us all realize our need for Christ. And the worship, to wrap it all up, was never more sincere and unashamedly presented to God as our offering from our hearts. When it was over, barely a single person had not shed a tear. It definitely was a "WOW" moment in the life of our church.

Pastor Rob Jones

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