Monday, September 03, 2007

Is Your Church Ready for a Congregational Prayer Summit?

Pastor Summits vs. Congregational Summits

By Dennis Fuqua / International Renewal Ministries

Most people reading this have not facilitated a Pastors Prayer Summit. But most ... could have the opportunity to facilitate some form of a congregational Prayer Summit. I would like to offer some thoughts on comparing and contrasting the two. This is a first draft of this, so I would welcome your comments.


Pastors Summit

Congregational Summit


Same - to see a move of God initiated and sustained in a community.


Same - to assist people to encounter and enjoy a holy God with other brothers and/or sisters. To simply spent time "with Him."


Same - Broken people made whole. Proud people broken. Discouraged people encouraged. Separated people united. Lonely people set in families.

Possible Depth

Same - All saints have both the desire and the capacity to worship and encounter God deeply.


Pastors and other senior spiritual leaders in a community

Various groups in a congregation such as leaders, men, women, youth, etc.


A community/city

A congregation

Scriptural and song "reservoir"

I believe this is the key difference. Generally speaking pastors have a larger reservoir of scriptures, scriptural topics, and songs built into them.

Generally speaking people "in the pew" don't have the same level of scriptures, scriptural topics, and songs at their disposal.

Facilitation tools

Typically a searching heart and a bible will do it.

Typically it is helpful to provide assistance such as a list of songs and scriptural topics (with verses).

Facilitation style

Typically it works well to be more free-flowing with less specific suggestions and invitations.

Typically it works well to provide some "prayer tracks" or prayer invitations to assist people to enter in.

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