Sunday, August 05, 2007

Praying Alone ~ Silent or Aloud?

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Question: I was wondering...when praying alone, is it better to pray silently or out loud?
Answer: The answer to your question is simply, "Yes!" It is appropriate to do both - there is no right or wrong way to pray. I will, however, try to give you some help in this area to give you a bit more clarification.

There are some distinct benefits to praying out loud:

1. It keeps you awake! It's hard to fall asleep when you are talking - although I've seen it done!

2. It keeps your prayers focused. I find that my mind wanders more easily when I pray silently. Praying out loud engages my mind, and my body.
3. I don't believe that Satan can read our thoughts, so praying out loud in the name of Jesus forces him to flee!

4. Praying out loud in personal prayer will give you more boldness to pray out loud during small group or other corporate prayer.

One thing that helps me to pray out loud is to pray Scripture (which you can also do silently). For example, I will read a Psalm back to the Lord, giving Him praise!

Some benefits to praying silently:

1. It's much easier to pray without ceasing throughout the day!

2. It allows you to quiet your heart so that you can listen to the voice of the Spirit more easily. ("Be still and know that I am God.")

As long as you remember to consider your personal prayer time to be the constant communication and development of your relationship with your First Love, you can pray as He leads you. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you what pleases God in each moment! Sometimes being quiet is more appropriate, and other times, verbal prayer will be! Pray as you feel led and as you are comfortable, giving God permission to make you uncomfortable sometimes! Our wonderful Father is so creative and so desires to talk with us - He will meet you whenever and wherever and however you choose, as you open your heart to Him in prayer.

So, to make a long answer short - there is no right or wrong way! Just allow yourself to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit and He will show you and teach you - just as He did the disciples who asked Him, "Lord, teach us to pray!" He taught them, and He will also teach you.

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Jack R. said...

Silent prayer vs. Praying aloud. Thank you for your answer. Thanks again. Jack R.