Sunday, August 19, 2007

Are We Ignoring God in Our Prayers?

Strategic Prayer
Strategic Prayer: Applying the Power of Targeted Prayer
Authors: Eddie Smith and Michael L. Hennen
Bethany House Bloomington, Minnesota 2007
Without question, prayer is the most important - and potentially the most powerful - tool in a Christian's arsenal.
The problem is, much of our praying is pointless, passionless, and powerless. It's poorly formed, thoughtlessly presented, and we wonder why it's largely ineffective.

I'm such a pragmatist that I'm irritated at the way many of us pray without preparation and, worst of all, without expectation! We keep looking for problems to fire off in prayer for God's attention but then pay no attention at all to His response. We can list ten prayer requests but couldn't begin to report ten things God has done in reply. We're actually ignoring God in our prayers.

It's time we learn to pray practical, specific, result-oriented prayers. After all, the earth is our Lord's, the fullness of it, and everyone who lives on it. He's filling it with the knowledge of His glory! (Psalm 24:1; Habakkuk 2:14). And He's invited us into a joint-venture partnership with Him to complete it.===>Click headline to access book information . . .

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