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RESORUCE ~ Turn Prayer Into Praying

Note from Phil >>> This recently (2006) published book has not made a big splash so you may not be aware of it ... Or, if you have not thumbed it over, you may not be aware of how it can serve you in your role as prayer champion . . .

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Praying: Finding Our Way Through Duty to Delight

By J. I. Packer
and Carolyn Nystrom

...The title is on target; this is is not so much a book about prayer as it is about praying. If for no other reason, read the book to discover the difference.

...Packer and Nystrom are perfectly teamed and they produce "a heart-to-heart affair in which two Christians who try to pray and wish htey had prayed better share [their] thoughts."

...This book has great potential to serve as a tool both for teaching about prayer and for mentoring a person or team into a deeper understanding and experience of biblical praying.

...Each of the ten chapters lends themself as a resource for a weekly prayer meeting, a fellowship group or a study gathering:
  • Use the chapter content as a basis for a devotional /teaching focus
  • The study guide offers ten questions to provoke discussion on each chapter
  • A "Pray" section follows, which will help you focus and facilitate the praying of those gathered
  • "Write" ends each study section, providing an activity that may be used either together or for homework
...The chapters focus on issues that will challenge a down-the-list, around-the-circle praying group to move into the delight of the struggle of prayer. The authors begin with an insightful discussion o fthe one to whiom we pray and bring fresh discuss ion to typical topics:
  • Chapter 1. The God We Pray To
  • Chapter 2. The Path and the By-paths
  • Chapter 3: Brooding
  • Chapter 4: Praising
  • Chapter 5: Prayer Check-up
  • Chapter 6. Asking
  • Chapter 7. Complaining
  • Chapter 8. Hanging On
  • Chapter 9. Joining In
  • Chapter 10. With My Whole Heart
  • Postscript to Christians Becalmed in Their Praying
  • For Discussion and Reflection
  • Further Reading
  • Subject Index
  • Scripture Index

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