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Training Lab to Facilitate a Congregational Prayer Summit

Reaching the Summit
An Interview on the upcoming National Pastors' Prayer Summit

Mission America Coalition interviewed Dennis Fuqua, International Renewal Ministries, who is one of the guides for the National Pastor's Prayer Summit. Co-sponsored by International Renewal Ministries, Strategic Renewal International, and the Mission America Coalition, the summit will be held in Portland, Oreg., July 24-26. ===>Click headline to access more information or to register . . .

MAC: In cities large and small, pastors who know one another come together for several days of praying. Why have a national summit?

DF: The nature of this summit is different. The desired end result is that we will not only enjoy special time with Him in a summit context, but also that senior pastors and leaders will be equipped to facilitate more dynamic prayer back in their own settings.

MAC: How do you define "summit-style" prayer?

DF: I like to use the phrase "Spirit-led, worship-fed, corporate prayer." It is Spirit-led as opposed to being agenda driven; it is worship-fed, as opposed to being request driven; and it is corporate as opposed to being individual prayer in a group setting.

MAC: Three ministries are collaborating in the design of the summit. How did that happen?

DF: Phil Migliorati and Daniel Henderson and I found ourselves hanging out at similar events. Our relationships came about because of a common vision and passion. We each have seen the power of corporate prayer and felt that God wanted to bring these strengths together.

MAC: "Reaching the Summit" promises to be a "lab-like" experience. How will it combine an authentic summit-style prayer experience with training?

DF: We will see! Honestly, we have never done anything like this before, so we are trusting God in the process. Our hope is that the lab portion will take place before and after the training sessions as we talk and debrief together, as well as in more informal conversations. We do anticipate having one segment where we will break into different interest groups.

MAC: What is the benefit of a congregational prayer summit and how important is the NPPS for a pastor or leader who wants to introduce his congregation to "summit-style" prayer?

DF: This is something we will develop more at the National Pastors' Prayer Summit, but a short answer is that a congregational prayer summit allows leaders to disciple people in prayer more like Jesus did. The disciples learned to pray by watching and asking. A congregational prayer summit provides a setting for everyone, including the leader, to look to Jesus and focus on Him as the real leader. When we look to Him to direct the times of prayer, He does a wonderful job!

MAC: Is this summit for pastors exclusively? Prayer Leaders? Women in ministry?

DF: It is designed primarily for pastors and leaders of ministries who are committed to having their congregation become a house of prayer. We want senior pastors there because it does no good to have other people in the congregation wanting to move forward in prayer without the full involvement of the senior pastor.

MAC: Any other comments for senior pastors and their teams who are considering coming to the upcoming summit?

DF: What would it be like if every congregation that valued a weekend service also valued regular extended times of "Spirit-led, worship-fed, corporate prayer"? I believe Jesus would be more honored, loved, followed, served, and pleased.

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