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Pray21 ~ Prayer Initiatvie for Youth & Adults

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"Pray21" national prayer movement for teens and adults launched by Christian Endeavor International
Twenty-one day national intitiative aims to link 10,000 churches across America

By Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. (ANS) -- Christian Endeavor has been dedicated for 125 years to equip young people with the tools to live the Christian life in a meaningful and personal way. It is now active in more than 80 nations.

Many of today's best-known and respected Christian leaders, such as Dr. Billy Graham, Dr. Paul Cedar, Dr. Tony Campolo, and Dr. Howard Hendricks took part in the CE movement as youth.

Now Christian Endeavor has launched "Pray21," a national youth initiative to encourage teens and adults to pray together during 21 days in September while empowering youth ministry in their church and community. The announcement was made in connection with the National Day of Prayer in the nation's capital on May 3.

Timothy Eldred, Executive Director of Christian Endeavor International, who announced the launch in Washington, D.C., was joined by a cast of Christian, political and business dignitaries, including student leaders. Mr. Eldred's press conference and statements can be viewed in its entirety at

National leaders such as Josh McDowell, Dr. Jack Hayford, Dan Wolgemuth, Paul Fleischmann, Dr. Richard Ross, Dr. Barry St. Clair, Chuck Klein, and many others have joined together in support of Pray21.

At a press conference Eldred proclaimed, "On September 9th of this year, thousands of churches across the country will join together to build stronger faith in their young people-and their adults-by encouraging them to pray together. Pray21 Sunday is the first step to strengthening the future of our youth and the church. We invite 10,000 churches, youth and adults, to join us with this exciting national event."

Mr. Eldred said in his press conference: "We stand in Washington DC on this National Day of Prayer to announce Pray21 -- a nationwide trust-building youth initiative. Today, we come together in our Nation's Capitol to raise a happy ruckus, to declare a challenge, to say 'we believe -- in young people.' To say, 'we will stop preying on young people, stop playing games, and start praying with youth.' As a nation, we believe in the power of prayer.

"It is in prayer that belief is born," Eldred said. "Pray21 is a 21-day trust-building youth initiative for the nation that connects adults and young people in a prayer partnership to awaken belief, to listen, and to accept young people's mission to transform this world."

Beginning Sunday, September 9, Pray21 will launch in thousands of churches across the nation. Timothy Eldred continued by saying, "You can join in, too. Log on to and find out about how you can join others who believe in young people.

For more on this story, to download free Pray21 materials or for the media kit, please go to Change America's future - Pray with Youth - Pray21!

For Interviews or Speaking Engagements with Tim Eldred please Contact: Matti Stevenson . Zeal Media Group . 719.388.1603 .

Pray 21 Christian Endeavor Honorary Committee:

Dr. John Ankerberg - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute,
Dr. Clifford Barnett - AME Zion Church,
Dr. Tony Campolo, Easter College and E.A.P.A.
Dr. Paul Cedar* - Mission America,
Jim Daly - Focus on the Family,
Ron DiCianni - Tapestry Productions,
Paul Fleischmann - National Network of Youth Ministries,
Congressman J. Randy Forbes Virginia (4th District) Congressional Prayer Caucus,
Dr. Jack Hayford* - The Church on the Way,
Dr. Howard Hendricks - Center for Christian Leadership,
Monty Hipp - National Council for Faith-Based Youth,
Dr. Cornell Haan - Mission America,
Chuck Klein - Campus Crusade/Student Venture,
Tic Long - Youth Specialties,
Josh McDowell* - Josh McDowell Ministries,
Marty McCarty - Military Community Youth Ministries,
Dr. Tracy Paino - North Central University,
Dr. Richard Ross - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary,
Dr. Mark Senter - Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,
Michael Spottsville - Youth for Christ/USA,
Dr. Barry St. Clair - Reach Out Ministries,
Dr. Andy Stephenson - Church of God (Anderson) Youth Ministries,
Leslee Unruh - National Abstinence Clearinghouse,
Dan Wolgemuth - Youth for Christ

* Honorary Committee Co-Chairs

** Michael Ireland is an international British freelance journalist. A former reporter with a London newspaper, Michael is the Chief Correspondent for ASSIST News Service of Lake Forest, California. Michael immigrated to the United States in 1982 and became a US citizen in September, 1995. He is married with two children. Michael has also been a frequent contributor to UCB Europe, a British Christian radio station.

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Anonymous said...

Pray21 Update:

In the first couple of months, over 2500 churches in all 50 states and over 50 countries have signed on to participate in Pray21 at various levels. The movement has been swift and it continues to unfold.

In our church, Pray21 has created real growth in our teens, personally and spiritually. It means a lot to a young person when an adult invests their time and energy in them. Unforeseen Bonus: Pray21 has proven to spur growth and enlightenment in the adults as well.

Jesus had a model that needed no improvement. Invest in youth and get out of their way. Pray21 is simple, revealing and rewarding.

For years to come, great things will result from Pray21!