Wednesday, April 25, 2007

RESOURCE ~ Make Prayer Their 2nd Language

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Making Prayer Your Second Language is a local church, 4-week preaching campaign created specifically to increase the prayer life of your congregation. Each week of this sermon series includes an easy-to-use sermon manuscript, powerful graphics, moving video and numerous worship service elements designed to strengthen the impact of your message. This entire series comes on DVD-ROM making it simple to use. The series is also customizable so you can preach each sermon to your congregation with very little effort.

Pastors around the world are using our proven multi-week campaign system to preach powerful and effective sermons that increase the learning of their congregations. To find out more about enhancing the prayer life of your congregation with this series, visit us at Or call 1-866-433-PRAY

Two Special Bonuses

A Video on Great Presidential Prayers — Receive a powerful video that features inspirational Presidential prayers, designed as the perfect kick-off for your four-week series. Plus, also receive:
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This DVD Contains:

4 Sermons — Each manuscript focuses on one of the four prayer aspects of ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication). Use all four messages to conduct a 4-week mini series that will enhance the prayer life of your entire congregation.

Over 175 Pre-Built Graphics — Designed in both JPEG and PowerPoint, these graphic images will enhance the quality and strength of your messages. Blank slides provided for customizing the sermon to your style.

4 Videos — Each church video is a moving collage of imagery and Bible verses outlining the principles of the ACTS model, and setting the tone for each of your messages.

5 Sets of Worship Service Elements — Each element is designed to increase the depth and breadth of impact in this church-wide campaign by harmonizing your worship ministry to your pulpit ministry.

1 Sample Prayer Journal — Help your entire congregation deepen their prayer lives by encouraging them to journal their prayers in the four important areas. The Prayer Journals in this series are a practical way for your people to practice your sermons at home everyday.

How to contact The Presidential Prayer Team:
1. By Mail: PO Box 89130 Tucson AZ 85752
2. By Phone: 1-866-433-PRAY
Our Member Service Center is open Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm (MST)
3. By Email:
4. By Fax: 520-797-7176

Membership in The Presidential Prayer Team is free, but PPT operates due to generous Members who support our nationwide prayer efforts. To say “thanks’ for your support, we like to send you helpful Prayer Resources to assist you in your prayer life.

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