Monday, April 30, 2007

Is This Church A Praying Church? How to Diagnose

Phil -
Thought you might be interested in this. I have been receiving church staffing for around 1 1/2 years and some of the articles are very helpful. I believe this is a great article.
Doug Karius, First Baptist Peru

Diagnose: Is the church a praying church? ?
Dr. Chuck Lawless

Prayer is the means by which we get the power to grow a God-honoring church. Most leaders are well aware of this truth. The problem, though, is this: most churches pray reactively rather than proactively. That is, they respond in prayer when a need develops, but they seldom take charge in prayer by seeking God's face before a problem develops. Even our prayer lists reflect this tendency, as we include on the list primarily those who have made known their need for prayer.

In my book, "Discipled Warriors," I compare "churches that talk about prayer" with "churches that really pray." Perhaps this comparison is a starting point to evaluate whether a church is a praying church:

Churches that talk about prayer . . .

* tell people to pray.
* announce prayer meetings.
* preach about prayer.
* may have a prayer list.
* may have a prayer ministry as one among many.
* have leaders who talk about prayer.

Churches that really pray . . .

* teach people to pray.
* actually pray at prayer meetings.
* preach about prayer and pray during preaching.
* intentionally pray through the prayer list.
* have a prayer ministry that covers every other ministry.
* have leaders who model prayer.

Here are some other ways to determine whether a church is a praying church===>Click headline to access . .

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