Sunday, February 18, 2007

A heart "filled with a passion for prayer"

If you have time, this church service will really bless you. The message is why I am sharing it...

First Baptist Orlando is Jim Henry's old church...their new pastor, David Uth shares about his recent encounter with God --as to the direction of his sermon topics. He shares openly about what happened to him...

He raises the questions:
Have you lost the "wonder" of God?
Have we lost the "holiness" of God in our churches?

He shares about wanting to share with those at First Orlando that it should be our desire to have "a heart that is filled with a passion for prayer" - Our churches should be houses of prayer and our "passion" should be "to want to converse with God on a daily basis". So what is wrong with us?

He has challenged his people to try when they are alone in their cars to "actively give up the seat next to them in their cars on the way to and from invite God to sit next to actively, LISTEN and to TALK to PRACTICE the presence of God" for the next 7 weeks! I believe that this is just a glimpse of what God is doing all over the country with our pastors...the Lord is beginning to put it on the hearts of our pastors in our larger churches to "press in" to try to model to their congregations, just how do we become houses of prayer...

Personal note:
David Uth is the Pastor of First Orlando -- "A Passion for His Presence" the first of a seven part series.

===>Click headline for . . .February 04, 2007 Prayer: A Passion for the Presence of God "A Passion for His Presence"
Dr. David Uth

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