Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Uncommon Prayer ~ New Year Focus

Note>>> Use this list as a prayer gude or template for a Pray-In-The-New-Year gathering . . .

1. Taliban takes Korean short-term mission team hostage, killing two
Afghanistan's resurgent Taliban used the team of 23 short-term workers from Saemmul Presbyterian Church as a bargaining chip, pressuring the South Korean government into a reported ransom payment and a promise to withdraw its 200 troops in the country. Bae Hyeong-gyu and Shim Seongmin were killed before the negotiation was completed. Our coverage

2. Atheism tops the bestseller charts
Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens may be unhappy about the continuing "God delusion," but they can't be too displeased with their royalty checks. Our coverage

3. Presidential campaigns start early, with some faith surprises
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama spoke easily of their faith, while Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson all stumbled in appeals to Christian voters. Our coverage

===>Click headline to access complete article . . .

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Uncommon Prayer ~ Christmas Gifts

>>>Note: Use the following scripture and 10 "gifts" as a format for prayer focused on Christmas . . .

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Christian-Cyber-Ministries participant David Beal from Kimbolton, Ohio has generously contributed to support today’s C-DD. Thank you – PTL! pb

Scripture: Romans 12:6a
“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us” NIV

Following are ten gifts for Christmas as compiled by Pastor Bill that actually pay you back by exercising them.
  • Gift 10 – Affection - A huge Hug
  • Gift 9 – Favor ----- A special favor
  • Gift 8 – Game --- A complete game
  • Gift 7 – Laughter --- 30 minutes of fun
  • Gift 6 – Prayer --- Prayer request of your choice
  • Gift 5 – Compliment ---One special compliment
  • Gift 3 – Listening --- One-half hour of undivided attention listening
  • Gift 4 – Disposition --- A Cheerful Disposition for not less than one hour
  • Gift 2 – Note --- No more than one full page and not less than twenty five words

And the number one gift for Christmas that actually pays you back by exercising it as compiled by Pastor Bill.

Gift 1 – Forgiveness --- Forgive all past hurts

Prayer: Father thank you for helping me abundantly exercise these 10 gifts this Christmas season. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Copyright (c) 2007 - Pastor Bill – Christian-Cyber-Ministries - All Rights Reserved

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fire Up Your People!

Conferences Can Fire Up Your People

CPLN Speakers Are Available


As a prayer leader, I am sure you are always looking for ways to encourage, train and fire up your people in prayer. With 2008 around the corner, why not plan a conference or prayer weekend? The CPLN has gifted speakers among our staff and representatives who can have an impact on your congregation. The costs may be less than you think.

The CPLN also looks for a few partnering churches each year who will host a regional event. This will cost a church slightly more than bringing in a single speaker, but the event positions the host as a regional church that seeks to bless its community.

To be selected a church must be able to seat at least 350 and have break out space for workshops. The church pays CPLN $2,000 plus lunches for its people who attend. In exchange, we bring in two keynote speakers, plus some workshop presenters. The church's people can come free to the event; we make the rest of our needed income from selling registrations regionally.

Click here for more information

Jonathan Graf

Jon Graf is the president of CPLN and the founder of Pray! magazine. His heart for the average believer in the pew who struggles to connect with God in prayer causes his Learning to Pray with Faith and Purpose seminars (content from his book The Power of Personal Prayer) to impact churches powerfully. His content comes out of his own struggle and growth in prayer, and his, warm, come-alongside attitude helps connect him with anyone in the audience.

He still has a few spring dates open, but has a number of available weekends next summer and fall. Click here for more information.
Ginny Kisling

Ginny Kisling is our Western Regional Director and resides in San Jose, CA where for eight years she was a prayer leader in a local church.. Her heart is to see everyone involved in prayer in the local church. A gifted communicator, Ginny currently takes bookings mostly in Central and Northern California. Click here to email her for information.
Incense Rising Header

Phil Miglioratti, our network facilitator and ambassador at large has a big heart to see praying churches. He especially likes to see churches involved in prayer evangelism--taking prayer and people out of the seats, and putting them in the streets. He also has a strong passion for city-reaching, and works as a city reaching facilitator for Mission America Coalition. Click here for more information.

Bring Your Prayer Team to Us Take a Retreat Together
Some of the best insights come when people are away from the busyness of every day life. Have you ever considered the possibility of taking your prayer team on a retreat?

The CPLN has access to a prayer retreat center--run by JoLyn and Jon Graf--and we would love to host you. In fact if you planned your retreat at a time when Jon was home (usually during the week), he would be happy consult with your group at very reduced rates.

Two cabins and a prayer chapel on 65 acres with a beautiful 4.5 acre lake in western Indiana make for a wonderful place to connect with God. Click here for more information.

Our CPLN repsresentatives are not officially on staff with CPLN, but have hearts for the local church and their visions are similar to ours as they focus on helping to build churches into houses of prayer..
Incense Rising Header

Dennis and Betty Jo Conner, our Southwestern Reps regularly team with churches both in weekend events and long term relationship to help grow houses of prayer that are kingdom churches. Click here for more information.
John and Kerry Shuey

John and Kerry Shuey, our Northeastern Reps reside in central Pennsylvania. Their ministry takes them around the world, but their heart for the church and intercession make them effective in helping local churches grow prayer ministry. Click here for more information.

A prayer emphasis weekend can have a huge impact on a local church. It can be life-changing for many people if done well. Not only can the CPLN help facilitate this, but our parent ministry, Harvest Prayer Ministries also has a collection of speakers available for prayer weekends. Click here for infomation.

And, if you haven't checked it out, remember that the password protected section of our website has a speakers' bureau. These are not CPLN speakers, but are people who we respect that also do prayer weekends around the country. Click here for information.

Church Prayer Leaders Network | 619 Washington Ave | Terre Haute | IN | 47802

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Monday, December 10, 2007

RESOURCE ~ Acts 29 Offers Strategic Training

"Acts 29: Fifty Days to Invite the Holy Spirit" by Terry Teykl

I just finished reading Acts 29: Fifty Days of Prayer to Invite the Holy Spirit by Dr. Terry Teykl [Prayer Point Press, 1999]. The premise of this short (but oh-so-powerful) book is that Christians can use a combination of prayer and the Bible (specifically the chapter of Acts) as a tool to bring about redemption (i.e., “radical giving”, “healing”, “astounding community life”, “compassion” for those who are “hurting, confused and unlovable”) to a city.

Although this sounds like what the Bible and prayer together are supposed to do, as Christians we often forget the true and beautiful power of prayer and the Holy Spirit. This book is about reclaiming that power: “reading the testimonies of how the Holy Spirit moved so dramatically in lives and cities [in Acts],” and “simply asking the Spirit to do the same things in and through our congregation.”

The book starts with some short chapters describing the concept of praying through Acts, and then ends with ten small devotional chapters. Each devotional chapter begins with a reference to some verses in Acts and then expands on those verses with ways in which we can apply those verses to our lives today.

Anyone who embarks on this spirit-filled journey will read, learn and pray about corporate prayer, public schools, government officials, brokenness, honor, faith, compassion, and so much more.

My husband and I just moved to a new city and began attending a new church. I wanted to immediately march into the pastor’s office, book in hand, and say, “This is what our church and city need. Let’s do it.” But I’m waiting until I become a bigger part of their community. As soon as that happens, I pray that our church – and other churches in the city and around the nation – will use this valuable tool, which is designed to lay “aside personal agendas” to “see how the Kingdom can be advanced.” Dr. Teykl provides great examples of astounding answers to prayers that he’s seen when churches start on this journey. But I’ll hold off on details about these miracles since I hope and pray you’ll read the book too because any ministry would benefit from using prayer to “release [the Holy Spirit] to work in us and in our church and city.”

Elizabeth Exley

Phone: 703-283-9786


Ministry: I’m currently working on my PhD in health policy, serve with a refugee ministry at our new church (Revolution) in Kansas City and an elder ministry, and run a couple of blogs ( and with my husband.

===>Click here to access information on the Acts 29 video training resource . . .

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Uncommon Prayer ~ Video Reveals the Hidden Power of Prayer

Click the headline to access a video of a drama spot (7:21) that reveals what happens when an individual prays in desperation ... Applicable to what can happen when your group prays on behalf of others who cannot yet pray for themselves ... Use just before a segment on praying for lost and hurting persons ... Post comments on how your group responded ...

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Your Leader Needs Your Prayers

Dr. Dan's Monday Morning Memo: Leading . . . in the Need of Prayer

In my book, The Prayer-Shaped Disciple, I list three reasons why ministers need a prayer support team: (1) leaders have a greater responsibility than followers, (2) spiritual leaders are more frequent victims of spiritual conflict, (3) because of their greater visibility, Satan loves to discredit leaders and damage their ministry. I want to challenge you to pray daily for your pastor and other ministers who have influence on your life. In recent weeks I have heard more stories than I care to count, of ministers in desperate need of prayer support – staring at monumental decisions, under heavy stress, burdened by family challenges, weighed down by physical health issues, facing church division, and some facing issues that weren’t even on the radar five years ago.

James 5:16 instructs us to “pray for one another.” Very few “one anothers” in your life need your prayer support more than your pastor or spiritual leader. Would you pause right now and pray for your pastor/spiritual leader?

Then would you please pray for me, asking that my Monday Morning Memos would be so Holy Spirit directed that, whatever the subject matter, they would minister to you, week by week?

If you’d like to join the Disciple All Nations Prayer Team, just send an e-mail to and give me your name and e-mail address. You will receive, via e-mail, my monthly prayer reports/praises/requests as well as any in-between information of significance. Also, newly added to the home page is a bibliography of books on prayer. Click below to go to the Disciple All Nations home page. (Post a comment to this Memo by clicking HERE) Enjoy and may reflecting on these thoughts help get your week off to a great start! I'd love for you to leave a comment at the bottom of the blog entry and visit the Disciple All Nations website: Click HERE to go to the Disciple All Nations Home Page.Click HERE to read the latest prayer requests from missionaries in Europe.Click HERE to read previously posted Monday Morning Memos.

Monday morning blessings,
Dr. Dan CrawfordPresidentDisciple All Nations, Inc.
P.S. Feel free to read our Blog,"Dr. Dan's Monday Morning Memo" anytime at:
Disciple All Nations, Inc.4388 Rota CircleFort Worth, Texas 76133

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Hope-Filled Guide Turns Stale, Inward Focused Prayers Outward

Seek God for the City 2008
Helping Christians pray with biblical hope for their communities.

High hope, low hype, and centered on Christ's glory.

Get a look at the latest edition of Seek God for the City. The newly-crafted prayers and crisp look will help your people pray for friends and neighbors with vibrant prayers ablaze with biblical hope.

Lead your people to step into a forty-day adventure of praying the desires of God with vivid, relevant prayers from the promises of scripture. The 64-page booklet is a proven tool that unites and guides whole churches in persistent prayer for spiritual awakening throughout their communities.

It’s timed to guide prayer through the forty days leading to Palm Sunday, February 6 through March 16, 2008. A children's companion version and a Spanish translation will soon be available at no cost online.

We are offering a complimentary review copy to leaders in recognized positions of pastoral or prayer leadership. Call our office at 800-264-5214 to request a review copy.

It's affordable. For as little as $1.20 each, the significant quantity discounts make it possible to equip many in your church or community. ($3 single copy price.)

It is very convenient to view a sample page or place an order on line. For more information please visit us at

Take a look at your calendar. Seek God for the City comes earlier next year. It is not too soon to order copies now.

Steve Hawthorne, Director
P O Box 203131, Austin, TX 78720

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

RESORUCE ~ Radio Spots to Help Groups Pray for Lost Persons

Note >>> Download one or more of the previously broadcast radio spots from the Lighthouse Report ... Use as an introduction to an evening or a segment of prayer ...

The Lighthouse Report


What does it mean to pray with purpose? Well, there’s an answer to that as Eddie Smith joins Steve Douglass on The Lighthouse Report!

How would you explain prayer to someone? Well, host Steve Douglass has some advice about that…coming up on today’s Lighthouse Report.

When we allow sin to be a giant in our lives, it affects how we pray, care, and share. Coming up on today’s Lighthouse Report, Michael Leahy (shown on right) talks about overcoming his battle with the giant of pornography.

It’s about Loving Your Communities to Christ! People are praying, caring and sharing! Host Steve Douglass and his special guest have an update of some results on today’s Lighthouse Report.

How do you connect with God? Coming up on today’s Lighthouse Report, Bible teacher Kay Arthur (shown on left) joins Steve Douglass with some insight on connecting to Our Father in prayer.

God is always faithful to provide witnessing opportunities when we ask for them! And on today’s Lighthouse Report, host Steve Douglass shares some ways he shares his faith in Jesus Christ with others.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Praying with Beads. Beads?

Praying with Beads: Daily Prayers for the Christian Year
Nan Lewis Doerr, Virginia Stem Owens

Click for larger image

I am as surprised as you are to see this book posted here. Growing up in a Bible Church, anything that sounded other-than-conservative-Protestant was strictly off limits! So it was with some hesitancy that I began to work my way through this small 81 page book.

I discovered both a daily prayer guide that followed the "Christian Year" calendar (the seasons of Advent, Lent, Pentecost, etc.) and a brief nine page introduction that demystified (or should I say de-Mary-ified) the use of beads in praying.

The authors trace their use throughout the epochs of Church history, demonstrating they are simply a practical means of remembering and rehearsing scriptural prayers - "aids to devotion ... like stained glass windows."

If praying the daily prayers, following the seasons of the Church Year or utilizing a practical tool to help you reflect and focus is not your normal discipline, this book will be a very helpful introduction to one method you may incorporate or customize for your personal life of praying.

Phil @ The Prayer Leader Blog

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

God On Mute: Unanswered Prayer

At the apex of the 24-7 prayer movement that has swept through the world and inspired a new generation of seekers, Pete Greig boldly steps into the dark world of unanswered prayer in “God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer”. His unique perspective of being the recipient of constant worldwide reports of God’s answers to worldwide prayer and yet living through his wife’s own ongoing, violent epileptic responses from brain surgery causes a crisis of faith that forces him to search for truth and trust amidst the bombardment of hopelessness.

The book is actually two books in one. Greig first explores the numerous reasons listed throughout the Word why prayers are hindered or rendered useless. It is a primer on holiness and focus. Using Holy Week as foundation, the second part of the book explores the similarities between Christ’s Passion and our lives. Though we know there will be a glorious Resurrection Sunday, the silence of Holy Saturday is the reality that most people live in now. Yet, instead of misery, Greig encourages us to embrace this season with wonderful examples and reminders of the faithfulness of Almighty.

It’s not an easy read, but the discipline of confronting the subject of unanswered prayer is a refreshing, welcome support to stand, when you’ve done all to stand.

Kyle Thompson

o.918.695.8055 / c.405.513.1178

Read an excerpt

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Say It? Then Pray It!

"I'll Be Praying for You"
How to say it—and pray it—like you mean it.
Michele Cushatt

I sat across the table from my friend Susan, searching her pain-filled eyes and wondering how I could help. Her situation was outside my realm of influence: She had suffered an unexpected personal attack from former friends within the congregation her husband pastored. And I had no words to right the wrongs or ease her aching heart. "I'm sorry," I attempted weakly. She half-smiled, then asked me to pray for her.
Unable to offer anything else, I promised I'd join her in making Mondays a day of fasting and prayer for her and her church. But after leaving our lunch and resuming my crazy schedule, would I actually keep my promise?

Entering the Interior
Too often when I encounter someone's desperate need, I offer a quick "You're in my prayers" without slowing down enough to make good on my word. Any "real" praying I do consists of a hastily muttered sentence during my busy day, as if I'm merely checking off my to-do list or making God aware of a situation he might've missed.

But the responsibility to pray ===>Click headline to access complete article . . .

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mid-Week Makeover - Fixing Broken Prayer Meetings

Mid-Week Makeover by Lowell Snow

Frequently I'm asked, "What can we do about our Mid-week prayer meeting?" Some wonder if this icon of church prayer should be sacrificed for more 'user-friendly' programs and by my observations, about 40% of mid-sized churches have done just that. Is it too late to save the mid-week prayer service in your church? I don't think so, but it needs an Extreme Makeover. 'Are you with me on this? We can do this people!'

Examine the Problem?

Extreme Makeover – Home Edition has become a phenomenon of prime time TV. In this celebration of American ingenuity and generosity; a struggling family with a crumbling home is surprised by a big bus and a lunatic with a bull horn. They are instantly filled with joy because they know that in just one week all their housing worries will be over. But before the family can leave on their extreme vacation; they lead the design team on an evaluation tour of their current housing malfunction.

Years ago, somebody gave me a new fangeled wrench with a unique head that was supposed to be one-size-fits-all. It worked – sort of, but the head wouldn't fit in small spaces and it didn't grip tight enough for really stubborn bolts. It quickly settled to the bottom of my tool box and out of use.

The mid-week prayer service has the same inherent design flaw - it tries to be a one-size-fits-all meeting. It's the pastor's Bible class, congregational call to prayer, and prayer ministry all rolled into one fifty minute package. Very efficient, but doesn't accomplish any of those tasks very well.

Plan your Makeover to Meets Needs.

My son-in-law participated in one of those Extreme Home Makeovers. It all looks so spontaneous on TV, but he knew exactly when and what he was going to do months before the family was surprised by a bull horn in the front yard. How? A team of designers had considered the family's request for help and planned a new home to meet their needs long before 'that bus' showed up. And that's the key to the huge success of that show. Just building a house in a week would get old fast. It's really about meeting the needs of deserving people isn't it?

Before you start your extreme makeover of the mid-week service, you need a design based on purpose. Ask yourself, "What do we really need to accomplish?" Should it be a mid-week retreat for soldiers of the cross, or a ministry of prayer for the needs on the church prayer list? A great meeting can be built on either of these foundations, but not both.

Build your Makeover on a solid foundation.

The two basic foundations for mid-week prayer service are prayer meeting and prayer ministry. Some 'demolition' will be necessary in both and unlike the TV show; you can't send the family away while you do it. Remember, even the folks that are deeply committed to the mid-week prayer service want it to be better. That's the goal so continually remind that the makeover will result not only in more prayer, but better prayer. Here are some suggestions for both formats:

1. Prayer Meeting - An hour of power and spiritual refreshing for those who attend. This format will meet the needs of more people, but should not be used to the exclusion of a prayer ministry.

  • Surrender the church prayer list – The first step is to give the church prayer list to a prayer ministry that meets at some other time.
  • Give prayer priority – Generally, in a 'prayer' meeting, the Bible study is just a short devotional and most of the meeting is devoted to prayer.
  • Plan with purpose – Plan the prayer time to focus on the people who attend – their personal needs and needs outside themselves that they feel some connection with.
  • Limit requests – If you have a prayer request time, put limits on it. Explain the meeting's purpose regularly and ask that requests conform to it. (chapter 15)*
  • Use scripture and suggestion – Begin the prayer time with scriptural meditation and prayer by suggestion to guide them into silent encounters with God. This should include thanksgiving, praise, confession, and private issues. (Chapters 11 & 13)*
  • Use topical prayer – Teach them how to use this conversational technique to pray in agreement for Kingdom needs both local and worldwide. (Chapters 12 & 17-19)*
  • Pray for each other – Divide the group into smaller groups to pray for one another. (Look for 'huddle groups' on pages 101, 113, & 116)*

2. Prayer Ministry - If the faithful folks who attend your mid-week service are the only group in the church devoted to prayer then you'll do well to help them morph into a functioning prayer ministry.

  • Recruit a Prayer Coordinator – Find a prayer warrior with the gift of administration and put them in charge of the church prayer list.
  • Focus on the list - Throw out or reduce the devotional and other time consumers and devote yourselves to praying for every need on the list. If it's long, separate into smaller groups and divide it up.
  • Upgrade the list –Each entry on the prayer ministry list should have: all the details of the request, dates for when it was first received and last updated, an address for the person in need, and a number to call for updates. Create a smaller edited list to give the congregation on Sunday.
  • Update the list – Keep the list fresh with frequent updates. Remove needs that have been answered or can't be updated.
  • Make the list personal – Connect the prayer team with the people on the list. Include time for each of them to write brief notes to two or three of the people they've prayed for. Keep track so everyone on the prayer list is contacted periodically. The church should provide post cards and postage.
  • Plan the prayer time – Don't get in a rut. Use the Prayer Guide principles and techniques. (Chapters 11-20)*
  • Advertise – Make the community aware of the prayer ministry and how to contact it.

Have a Great 'Reveal'

The 'reveal' makes it all worthwhile. Righteous prayer warriors, praying in agreement with Jesus, will see results. Don't keep those victories secret. Brag on them and Jesus every chance you get.

* "You can do this, we can help." If you don't already have the Prayer Guide book and conference CDs, I encourage you to take advantage of the discounts available in my newsletter. You’ll find a link to it on the home page of my web site: Also, don't hesitate to contact me with any question.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Reader's Book Review ~ How to be Heard in Heaven

How to be Heard in Heaven
Title: How To Be Heard In Heaven
Thesis: Prayer
Implication: how to pray prayers that Father will hear and how not to negate those prayers.
Comment: This book on prayer more than any other I have read has expanded my understanding of Kingdom prayer. My prayers have been heard before but after reading this book I can but wonder why. The answer to that question is at the beginning of the book; God answers praying people NOT prayers. How gracious our Father is. Now I have to rethink the way I pray and attempt to apply what I have learned. Eddie says on the back cover: "This book is about change". That is a true statement.

Phil, thanks for this book! This one is a Godsend===>Click headline to access the book online . . .

Jacob Bush
St Brendan Celtic Episcopal Mission
1113 Early St, Charleston, WV 25302
304-346-6938 Home
304-542-8218 Cell

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Equipping Your Team

Empowered 2008

The National Convention of the Church Prayer Leaders Network
June 11-13, 2008
Columbia, SC

Theme: Seeking Christ's Glory . . . with Passion

Host Church: Shandon Baptist , Columbia, SC

More Information to Come Soon

Speakers Committed Thus Far:

  • Dr. Daniel Henderson, president of Strategic Renewal International, author of Fresh Encounter and Pray-zing! Dr. Henderson will do a pre-conference mini-conference on Developing Dynamic Prayer Meetings, a keynote during the conference, and several workshops.
  • Jonathan Graf, president of CPLN, founding editor of Pray! magazine, and author of The Power of Personal Prayer. Jon will do a pre-conference mini-conference on "Learning to Pray with Faith and Purpose" and several workshops.

Workshop Speakers:

  • Dave Butts--Dave is the president of Harvest Prayer Ministries, the chairman of America's National Prayer Committee, the author of The Devil Goes to Church, and co-author of Pray Like the King.
  • Kim Butts--Kim is the co-founder of Harvest Prayer Ministries, the author of The Praying Family and co-author of Pray Like the King.
  • Chris Schofield--Chris is the director of Prayer for Evangelism and Spiritual Awakening for the North Carolina State Southern Baptist Convention.
  • John Shuey--John is the co-founder of Kingdom Quest Ministries.
  • Kerry Shuey--Kerry is the co-founder of Kingdom Quest Ministries.
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

I Will Pray Anyway

I Will Pray Anyway

(A little something based on the 7 portions of Luke 18)

"Pray or quit," the Lord said. I don't pray easily--it's an uphill effort to stop my pace, quieten my mind, and force my thoughts toward God--but I certainly do not want to weaken and quit. I will pray anyway.

Jesus told a story we call the parable of the unjust judge. Every Bible teacher I know has his own twist on this--some saying it teaches persistence, some that it is giving a reverse image of reality, that God is not like the judge, we are not like the widow, and prayer is not about breaking down God's reluctance but laying hold of His willingness--but I know one thing for sure.

Sometimes I feel God is not listening to a thing I say. I will pray anyway.

The Lord told of two men who went up to the temple to pray, one a self-righteous Pharisee who walked up and addressed God as an equal, the other a bashful tax-collector too ashamed to come near or look up. Both were praying, but Jesus said only the one who admitted to his sin made contact with a forgiving God that day.

Sometimes I feel self-righteous and sometimes unworthy. I will pray anyway.

When the parents brought little children for Jesus to bless, the disciples were protecting Him and hurrying them away, lest the noise and hubbub disturb the Lord. He put a stop to that and held the children up as the very models of what God wanted in each of them===>Click headline to access complete article . . .

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Real Answers to Real Prayer



1. Remarkable prayer intervention for TWR missionaries
2. Muslim women in the Arab world see their prayers answered

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sacred Assembly a "Wow! moment"

FCC logo

Pastor's Note
The word around FCC this week seems to be "WOW". In the 12 years since FCC began, never have we had a service like the one we enjoyed here last Sunday night. Our Sacred Assembly was nothing short of - well, WOW. It's hard to put in words the electrifying spirit that was present. From the moment people walked through the doors, they knew they were in for a very special evening. The curtain across the front of the stage shielded the worship band from the audience. The cross on the center of the stage pointed people to Christ. The prayer stations in the corners of the room ushered people into God's presence for forgiveness, reconciliation and intimacy with Him. The corporate prayers of confession by our elders helped us all realize our need for Christ. And the worship, to wrap it all up, was never more sincere and unashamedly presented to God as our offering from our hearts. When it was over, barely a single person had not shed a tear. It definitely was a "WOW" moment in the life of our church.

Pastor Rob Jones

>>>Note: Pastor Rob has graciously allowed us to post several helpful resources from their Sacred Assembly:

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Encourage Your Pastor!

===>Click headline to access the site . .

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Inner~Views: Pastor writes Pray BIG

Prayer Leader interviewed Will Davis Jr., author of Pray Big: The Power of Pinpoint Prayers

Prayer Leader ~ "Pray Big" is an engaging title for a book but it is much more than a hook - What are you telling the reader with this title?

I want to encourage readers not to under-ask in prayer. There is no place in the Bible where God rebukes someone for asking too much of him. God’s promises for prayer are massive and limitless. Our prayers need to be the same. We need to ask for the most that God can handle, not the most that can handle.

Prayer Leader ~ Pastor, what circumstances did the Lord use to reveal our need to pinpoint our praying?

Actually, the idea for Pray Big was born in a prayer meeting, or after it. We prayed for nearly two hours. When we were finished, I couldn’t think of a single thing that we had asked for that would require a miracle from God. We’d done lots of “God be with Bill” and “God bless Sue” kind of praying. I felt the Holy Spirit asking, “What do you need me for?” That’s never a good sign after you’ve just spent two hours praying.

Prayer Leader ~ Many Christians and congregations are living a prayer-care-share lifestyle; they pray for unbelievers by name and need. How would praying big help us pray differently for neighbors and coworkers?

Big prayers are scripturally driven. The principles of pinpoint prayer that I talk about in the book rely heavily on the Bible for their inspiration. When I pray for a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend or family member, it’s easy for me to want to recreate them in my image. Rather, than seeking God’s will for them, I seek mine: “Lord, make my neighbor friendlier.” “Lord, please help my co-worker to be more of a team player.” “Lord, please help my wife to talk less.” Pinpoint prayers make me pray the Bible instead of my own words. The result is much more focused, anointed and selfless praying: “Lord, please build your Kingdom in my friend’s life (Matthew 6:10, 33).” “Father, please help my co-worker to glorify you in all that he does (1 Cor. 10:31).”Or, “Father, please help me to see my neighbor as more important that myself. Help me to meet his needs before I meet my own (Phil. 2:3-4).” Pinpoint praying aligns your prayers more with the heart of God.

Prayer Leader ~ Please respond...

  • "If you're looking for pinpoint prayers that have off-the-chart potential, then learn to pray with other Christians"Pinpoint praying is effective because it’s both biblical and specific. It’s the kind of praying Jesus modeled in the Lord’s Prayer. It’s simple, childlike, and goes right to the heart of God. Now, mingle the concept of pinpoint praying with what God promised to honor and said that he loved—Christian unity—and you’ve got one potent combination for prayer. When Jesus said in Matthew 18:19 that if two or more of us agreed, he used the word for agree that forms our English word symphony. Agreement happens when two or more believers set aside their differences and express unity around their hope and passions to God in prayer. When praying as a group, make a point of agreeing together. Tell the Lord, “Lord we agree.” He loves the unity and promises to bless it.
  • "A gathering of believers is more powerful than any other meeting on the planet"-No other gathering of humans has as much promise as a meeting of two believers who meet in Jesus’ name. Jesus promised those who collectively submit to his name and agenda that he would be there in their midst. Never underestimate the power of a gathering of Christians; for therein, God promises to send his presence and power. It really is the most powerful gathering of humans on earth.
  • "The most radical truth about prayer in the Bible" – Matthew 18:19, “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”(See also Matthew 16:19.) In this verse, Jesus basically handed us the keys to his Kingdom. Whatever we unlock on earth in prayer—love, blessing, agreement, or hatred, discord and conflict—will be equally unlocked in heaven and then rebroadcast a hundredfold back onto the earth. Corporate prayer impacts heaven, and heaven impacts earth. That’s why I think corporate prayer is so powerful in Kingdom causes. Remember, the Church was born in a prayer meeting, after ten days of corporate prayer.
  • Give us several suggestions for corporate praying –
    1. Seek points of agreement and speak your agreement out loud to God
    2. Pray over 1 item at a time
    3. Keep prayers short, so all who want to weigh in on an issue can
    4. Don’t preach to God or the group. Just ask.
    5. Make sure you actually ask for things, don’t just tell God what is going on
    6. Use verses of Scripture as your prayer guide
    7. Don’t rebuke each other or counter each other in prayer. If you can’t agree with what’s being prayed, don’t say anything.

Prayer Leader ~ What is the significance of "The greatest pinpoint pray-er in all of heaven is interceding for you in exact alignment with the will of God"?

Simply stated, Jesus is the world’s most effective intercessor. He always hits the heart and will of God in his prayers. Hebrews 7: 25 tells us that he is praying for us right now. As a believer, I find that incredibly encouraging. So even if you don’t know how our what to pray for something, trust that Jesus does and is praying for you right then. Thank him for praying for you and tell him that you submit to his will.

Prayer Leader ~ You conclude with "100 pinpoint prayers from the Psalms." How can a prayer leader utilize this list to train their team members in pinpoint praying?

The 100 prayers are a great resource for your prayer groups. First, you can pray through them. They make a great prayer script for praying that God’s Word will prevail in your lives. Beyond that, use them to teach your group how to write their own pinpoint prayers from other chapters. Tell your group members to read through Psalm 51, 37 or 32. Ask them write several pinpoint prayers from those verses.

Prayer Leader ~ Pastor Will, please write a prayer for congregational prayer leaders (pastors and coordinators) who want to equip their congregation to pray big...

Lord God, I pray Isaiah 56:6-7 for these leaders. Thank you that they have joined themselves to you through the Holy Spirit. I thank you that they love you, worship you, and that they keep your Word. I pray, God, that you will bring them into you holy presence. Make them hungry and thirst for your presence. I pray that you would make them joyful in your house of prayer. Let prayer be for them and the congregations they lead a joy, not a chore. Help them to love to pray. I pray that you’ll make their prayer groups and churches houses of prayer for all nations. I pray this in Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why So Few @ Prayer Meeting?

EMessenger Header Image
Everytime we plan a prayer meeting at our church there are very few people who attend. This gets discouraging. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately, this is something we hear from just about every church we come into contact with. First of all, it is important not to become discouraged because of the small turnouts. Be excited about the people who DO show up and continue to ask the Lord to show you how to plan prayer meetings that will engage the rest. Prayer meetings frighten most people because they are uncomfortable praying out loud and/or corporately. Prayer has largely been taught as an individual spiritual discipline, so the majority of the people in your church have little experience praying with one another. Another reason people don't attend prayer meetings is that they are often very dull (we've all been there). It seems that either prayer requests take up most of the prayer time with very little actual prayer; or, participants pray for random requests with no focus. When individuals leave a prayer meeting, they should feel confident that their prayers accomplished the plans and purposes of God. Two very good resources on how to plan the kind of prayer meetings that excite people and touch heaven are:

And the Place was Shaken (How to Lead a Powerful Prayer Meeting) by John Franklin

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Prayer Prompt ~ Prayer Brings Us To God

One Minute Uplift
Your weekly one minute inspiration from Rick Ezell


Prayer Brings God To Us

Rick Ezell

"Come near to God and he will come near to you" (James 4:8 NIV).

Prayer reminds us that we need God more than he needs us. Prayer brings God to us. The essence of prayer is to join God, not God joining us.

St. Augustine, the early church father and theologian, described prayer as like a man in a hapless boat who throws a rope at a rock. The rock provides the needed security and stability and life for the helpless man. When the rock is lassoed it's not the man pulling the rock to the boat (though it may appear that way); it is the pulling of the boat to the rock. Jesus is the rock, and we throw the rope through prayer.

Prayer is the lifeline that saves the drowning soul. Prayer is the umbilical cord that provides nourishment to the starving spirit. Prayer is the channel by which God's life-giving presence flows to us.

Think of yourself in a boat being pulled to shore by a loving father as you pray today.

About the Author
Dr. Rick Ezell is a husband, father, author, pastor, consultant, coach, conference leader, and communicator. Rick has a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Master of Theology in Preaching from Southern Baptist Seminary. He has published over 450 articles and sermons in various Christian publications. While authoring six books he has served over twenty years in pastoral ministry. Rick, Cindy, and Bailey currently reside in Greer, South Carolina.

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

RESOURCE ~ Prayer Journal for Grandparents

A Prayer Journal just for Grandparents!

More Details Here

“My heart was overwhelmed at times because the words were exactly what I wanted to pray for my grandchild. What a blessing it was for me to be led in a Scriptural way in prayer for my grandchildren.”

Those are the words of Jeana, a grandma and our Office Manager here at The Presidential Prayer Team offices, on the incredible personal impact on her life of “A Grandparent’s Prayer Journal: Lifting My Grandchildren to the Throne of Grace” by Melanie Wayne -- a long-time PPT member.

Jeana went on to say how she loves the way Melanie has interwoven Scripture into each prayer, and how each prayer touches on an aspect of a child’s life so we can pray specifically for the development of the total child. If you enjoy this book half as much as Jeana has, you may never put it down. Even more, it’ll draw you closer to the Lord, and infuse your intercessions for your grandchildren with renewed power and authority!

Whether you’re a grandparent, a parent who will someday become a grandparent, or desire to get this book as a gift for your grandma or grandpa, I know you’ll love “A Grandparent’s Prayer Journal: Lifting My Grandchildren to the Throne of Grace” by Melanie Wayne.

John Lind Signature
John Lind

P.S.In honor of Grandparents and to celebrate Grandparents Day on September 9th, PPT is proud to offer this great resource. Melanie Wayne has given us special permission for PPT to make this one-time offer to you. I look forward to hearing from you! Get more details.

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