Friday, December 01, 2006

RESOURCE ~ Warning! This is not your mommas prayer meeting

By Scott Pixler (Community Outreach Minister at First Christian Church, Phoenix, Arizona)

Harvest Prayer Ministries Editor's Note: First Christian Church in Phoenix, Arizona has begun a Wednesday night prayer gathering that is a worship based, powerful time of corporate prayer led by Derek Lauer, the senior minister, and David Freeman, the worship minister. This article was written to invite the congregation to come and try this awesome corporate prayer experience. You may wish to click on the link below to get more information about how one church is actively engaging its congregation in the experience of corporate prayer.

Imagine a team full of kids who are eager to learn to play baseball. They all show up to practice with their balls, gloves and bats, eager to start throwing, catching and hitting the ball around! They each have visions of someday scoring the winning run in the gib game in the bottom of the 9th. They can't wait to start!

But then the coach does a strange thing. He sends them all home and tells them to practice by themselves! Baseball is a sport best played by yourself at home," he tells them. For awhile, each kid tries to practice alone. They toss the ball straight up in the air and then catch it, pretending that it was a pop-up or a long fly ball. But the fact is, as the weeks go by, more and more of the players get discouraged, lose interest and give up on ever learning to play baseball at all.

Who would ever do that? But have we made just such a mistake when it comes to prayer? Have we unwittingly taken an important part of spiritual living that is best experienced in community and sent everyone home to practice by themselves? No wonder many people have become discouraged with their prayer lives!

I find it very interesting that as the church was being born in the book of Acts, most of the time when the word "prayer" pops up, you find the church gathering together to pray! No doubt there were private prayers going on as well, but the prayers that they prayed together were powerful and life changing. After one of them, Luke records that the place in which they were praying was shaken and all were supernaturally affected! (See Acts 4:21-31)

Invitation to PowerPoint prayer gathering: If you are a seasoned prayer, you will be so blessed to join together with like-minded Christians who understand the importance of prayer. If you are a beginner, you can come and learn by praying alongside others in a Spirit led atmosphere. No matter whom you are, you will sense God's manifest presence and power as we seek His face together and glorify His name===>Click headline to access website . . .

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