Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Quote; Unquote"

"Why pray? Evidently, God likes to be asked."

>Extra Points:
A Human Imperative That Crosses Religious Lines

(Los Angeles Times) Communication with God -- whether written, spoken,
sung, or silent -- is considered 'universal and natural for all,' regardless of
religion. For years, surveys have shown that more than 80% of Americans
pray regularly. They pray in homes, houses of worship and on the Internet.
They pray behind the wheel, while walking the dog, standing in line at banks.
They pray alone and with others. Why?....

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>Timely resource for further reading & viewing:
Prayer Devotional Bible
Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? by Philip Yancey
The Book of Uncommon Prayer 2 (bonus music CD included)
by Steven Case
Confessions of a Prayer Wimp by Mary Pierce
Serenity: Reflections and Scripture on the Serenity Prayer
Into God's Presence by Liz Babbs
Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler
(listen to Ann's 1-minute devotional on Zondervan's homepage)

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Liz Babbs said...

Bless you for recommending my book 'Into God's Presence' to your readers - I really appreciate it. I feel it's probably the most important book I've written. In fact, I've just made a CD called 'Immerse' (Kingsway
Music)that's just about to be published here in the UK drawing on material from my book. It's a prayer, meditation and worship album for busy people. You can hear sample tracks on My Space now or on my website soon - it can also be ordered from my website using Paypal.