Friday, December 22, 2006

God uses children in prayer

God uses children in prayer

Lenny and Tracy LaGuardia have led thousands of children into a deeper walk with God through their work at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, USA. They help children to hear the voice of God and act based on that. The result is not just many children's prayer initiatives for cities and nations, but also an outpouring of miraculous healings. The children have seen answered prayers, miracles, and healings, and as a result developed a steady faith that God is listening to them and working through them.

Donna Edwards is the choir teacher of the IHOP kids, but post-polio syndrome forced her to walk on crutches for several years until the kids prayed over her for 45 minutes one night. Edwards said, "I was able to totally lay down my crutches." Thirty kids were marching around her, praying.

Jackson Bohlender suffered from so many food allergies, that he was really crippled in what he could eat. But after a solid year of the IHOP kids praying for him faithfully, he visited his doctor for new tests. He said, "About half my food allergies - the big ones - were non-existent. I could eat everything."

Dalton Burge of Christ Triumphant Church went up to pray for two visitors suffering with abscessed teeth, who thought it was kind of cute, but then they started feeling their mouths, and both of them had gotten healed.

Lenny LaGuardia says Christian parents need to expect that their children have real encounters with God. "I would say to parents, look beyond the external to the eternal. Don't just see them as children. See their destinies in hand."

CBN produced a video about the various children's prayer initiatives in the United States, which can be viewed online:

Source: Paul Strand, CBN News

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