Friday, December 29, 2006

Does God hear the prayers of non-Christians?

Shared by Pastor Rande Wayne Smith

Does God hear the prayers of non-Christians?

Since God is omniscient, (He is aware of everything), I believe He “hears” every prayer. But, I suspect the real question is, “does God honor the prayers of non-Christians?” There are certainly indications in Scripture that God sometimes not only hears the prayers of unbelievers but responds to them. Scripture also makes it very clear that God is not at all pleased with insincere prayers. God tells us that He “will not reject a humble and repentant heart.” (The Psalms 51:17) Conversely, He hates arrogance and He hates the prayers of the proud, whether they are Christian or not. In numerous passages Scripture tells us that God is pleased by and honors only those prayers that come to Him out of a truly repentant heart. When we pray, as reconciled people, then we have the promise that God will hear us. The fact of the matter is, God commands every person to come to the cross for their redemption and for their reconciliation. This is not something we can negotiate. As Christians, we’re committed to the Son of God because we believe in Him and in Him alone. He is the only means of redemption God has provided for the human race. And God wants us to come through Christ if we are going to pray. Access to the Father is only through the Son.

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