Monday, November 13, 2006

When your Pastor is NOT a Prayer Champion

Encouragment from a fellow prayer leader . . .

….My soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” Psalm 63:1

Immediately after I received the gift of salvation the Lord graciously placed me in a church that was “infected” with prayer. This church offered multiple prayer meetings and I had many opportunities to learn about seeking the Lord and offering Him worship and praise; it was constantly modeled. I was in this culture for a number of years. Then we moved, and I entered the desert.

It wasn’t that my pastor didn’t believe in prayer, he just wasn’t passionate about it. Prayer was a thing we did – not the thing we did. He did his best to support my efforts to draw people into times of worship and praise. I’m just not sure he ever really got it; so the church never really got it.

I went through many stages in this desert time. I worked my hardest to “make” the church understand the value of coming together in prayer. I set up many meetings where the united group was me, myself, and I! I even did the “Jonah thing.” I ran to Tarshish, hoping to ignore the whole thing, pretending God never asked me to stay in Ninevah and speak truth.

Then I began to pray! I found two other women who covenanted to meet with me once a week, no matter what, to pray for a spirit of dependence to come upon our church and for God to give the people a desire to pray.

We have been praying together for almost two years now, and we are up to about five regulars. Here is what God has done: We have seen a spirit of dependence in many of the elders. The pastor who was not excited about prayer left our church, and our new pastor has a heart that is passionate about helping us draw close to God. He is very aware that includes prayer. He has been at our church for three months now, and already he has brought the congregation together once to pray; he even prays during services. We are building prayer response teams and will soon begin praying during services and special events.

The desert is a hard place to be. It is a dry and weary land and water seems so hard to reach, but He will bring it. I believe that if we are faithful to the mission of prayer, He will make it happen. He may not do it in the way you want or when you want…but He will do it. He desires it even more than you do!

Lori Lane Bergenstock, Prayer Team Leader
Lori is also Director of Operations for a ministry dedicated to bringing balanced and united prayer to churches. Click headline for more info and resources from StrategicRenewal.

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Jon Daniels said...

As a pastor myself, I long to have more people like you in the Church! How we need to cry out to the Lord TOGETHER! Keep it up!