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RESOURCE ~ Mobilizing Men for Transformational Prayer

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By Dave Butts
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Most church prayer ministry teams are predominately female. There’s a reason for this. In most situations, women pray more than men. C. Peter Wagner notes that of those who have been identified as being primarily intercessors, about 80% are female. Consider why this is so, remembering that we are dealing in generalities here. Women are typically more compassionate than men, which naturally leads them into praying for others.

Again, generally speaking, women are more spiritually sensitive than men. This awareness that something is happening spiritually brings about prayer. Certainly in many, if not most churches, they have had the example of praying women set before them. Women go to the prayer meeting while the men go work on the building. Stereotype? Yes, but all too often very close to the truth.

FIGHT ON YOUR KNEES (Calling Men to Action Through Transforming Prayer)

Edited by Dr. Mell Winger, Fight on Your Knees inspires and equips men like you to pray for families, churches, cities, and nations - and to guard and strengthen yourself against the enemy's onslaughts. This book compiles writings by fourteen men of various ethnic and professional backgrounds, Christian leaders such as Bill McCartney, Steve Shanklin, Teg Haggard, Dutch Sheets, and Dale Schlafer. The foreword was written by Dr. Jack Hayford.

Some of the chapter titles include: Lifestyle Warfare, Men Under Authority, The Warrior's Heart, Skills and Weapons of War, The Legacy of a Praying Father, etc. Probably the most practical for pastors is the chapter entitled, "Pastors Strategies for Mobilizing Men to Pray" by Phil Miglioratti of the National Pastors Prayer Network.

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