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October/November 2006 incenseRising
a magazine for intercessors

When I first heard the news about the accusations against Ted Haggard, my friendship and respect for him immediately made me think This is a false accusation, an attack of Satan, brought to try to discredit him. But when it came out that there was truth to it, I was sick. I struggled all weekend.

My struggle was not how many might struggle, thinking “How can I stand if this man couldn’t.” Or angry at Ted for being duped. I struggled because I don’t have near the prayer support that Haggard had. He has hundreds if not thousands of people praying for him. Me, I maybe have dozens, more likely a handful. So shouldn’t I be fearful of failure?

I should have a healthy fear that would keep me dependant on God. Such events like this must remind us to be watchful. But we must remember, while numbers of intercessors are great, there is nothing biblical that says a thousand intercessors are more powerful than 10. In fact, remember Charles Finney? The most powerful years of Finney’s revival ministry were bolstered by one main intercessor—Rev. Daniel Nash, affectionately referred to as Father Nash. When Nash died, the revivals basically stopped! The strength isn’t in the numbers, it is in the dedication and perseverance.

What should we intercessors take from this? I want to remind you of your awesome and powerful ministry. Do not be discouraged. Do not let the falling of one leader—no matter how key he was to the Kingdom—cause you to lose faith. Keep praying. Pray especially for your leaders. Rally others to pray.

And never forget the role you play standing in the gap!

Jonathan Graf
Publisher, incenseRising
confessions of a closet pray-er
Editorial open welcome to Mike Jones
I heard through the grapevine that Mike Jones was on a local Colorado Springs radio talk show this morning. Mike Jones is the self-professed male prostitute who accused evangelical leader, Ted Haggard, of coming to him for sex and drugs. His accusation and Ted Haggard’s confession of sexual immorality ultimately led to Haggard’s dismissal. I did not hear the program myself, but my source said that he questioned New Life’s quick forgiveness of Ted, and wondered what would REALLY happen if he (Mike Jones) showed up at New Life church.

I hope he does. You see, I’m a member of New Life.

the trustful side of thanks
Brenda Poinsett holding on to hope
I was outside playing with our sons when my husband came home that day. As the station wagon pulled up, I noticed the back end was filled with books. Looking closer, I saw they were Bob's.

"Why are you bringing your books home?"

"I've been fired," Bob answered.
intercessor's workshop

dealing with sin issues: envy & ambition
Editor: We hope you enjoy this new department dedicated to practical help with issues you face as you intercede for others.

As intercessors, we are frequently called on to pray with people who have specific needs for healing/deliverance in a variety of areas. Frequently, personal sin issues are central to the struggles they face (James. 5:16).

Here are some thoughts on the significance of envy & ambition along with a worksheet to help you help others work through these issues.

it's all about Him!

Recently I was reminded again of the need to keep the main thing, the main thing. It is so easy to lose our “God-focus”—even when we are very careful not to!

Many of you know that in my prayer closet I have what I call “holy graffiti” on the walls. As an expression of worship, the walls of my prayer closet are an on-going love letter to Him. The other day I started to write something like, “I delight in Your Presence, Lord”--but I stopped short. I was reminded to put things only about Him on those walls--no reference to “I” or “me” whatsoever, because it’s all about Him.

what the Spirit is saying to the church

our readers share what they hear in His presence
This is your column . . . we would love to hear what the Spirit is saying in your prayer closet that relates to the body of Christ at large. To contribute, click here.

From Kathy Cooper, Doylestown, PA: I have begun asking God to show me His heart. With sobs of anguish and pain, a compelling longing for all to be saved hit me like a tsunami. I feel God's heart breaking over our world's callous attitude toward Him. (Continued)

From Sandra Higley, Colorado Springs, CO: My son-in-law’s sister is a spiritual seeker (we are trusting that some day she will come to Jesus!) and she is now into channeling spirits through the help of a shaman. (Continued)

the secret place

a psalm of thanks
We would love to have you share ideas, thoughts or resources that enhance your worship/prayer experience, drawing you closer to the heart of God. To contribute, click here.

Try writing a psalm of thanksgiving to God using Psalm 136 as a model. As you write, personalize the psalm by inserting things He has done specifically for you over the last year. Here is an example of what that might look like:

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord of lords.
His love endures forever.
He brought Jason home safe from Iraq.
His love endures forever.
He supplied all our needs when Jim lost his job.
His love endures forever.


Vol. 2, No. 5| October/November 2006

Jonathan Graf

Sandra Higley

Gary Bergel
Contributing Editor

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