Thursday, November 09, 2006

Prayer Leaders, Mobilize Real Prayer

I believe the greatest time for the prayer ministry is right in front of us. God wants to use us as leaders to mobilize real prayer that will shift the focus of the church off of itself and back to its first love for Him, which will produce His nature and character within His body, which will in turn produce the love for our neighbors that will be tangibly seen and felt and bring forth the true testimony of Jesus Christ. Bottom line God wants to use us to usher in the revival that we have all seen and been working for years to see it come to pass.

It is for such a time as this that we have been called into leadership. God has a plan for the deliverance of our nation and He desires to use us.

You are God's Daniel / Esther. Be not weary in well doing for in due time you shall reap, only faint not.

Sincerely, Stephanie Steele

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