Saturday, November 25, 2006

Interview with NPPN/CPLN Prayer Leader Guy

The Expert on Prayer

Knowing my new online friend, Phil Miglioratti, I am sure he would probably object to being called the "expert on prayer," but since it is at the center of his life I have given him that title, at least for this interview.

I appreciate him taking the time to answer my questions.
Tell us a little about your background.

Since a very young age, Christ has been central to my life; my ultimate purpose is to follow him though I often stumble. I have served as a pastor to youth, been on the staff of a mega-church (Willow Creek Community Church), pastored a small congregation for 19 years (The Woodfield Church, known as the Love One Another Church), and now my mission is to connect people to God through corporate prayer. I have a wife, Carol (married 36 years) and two married daughters each with a daughter of their own. Like David, a Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys fanatic===>Click headline to access complete interview . . .

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