Monday, October 02, 2006

An Unsafe Prayer

A common factor preceding each of (America's) historic movements of God was a unified call to prayer within the Church. I mean authentic, Christ-centered prayer. The people praying during these periods of "sleep" were not praying for the Lord to "bless the nation" or bless them and their families. They were praying that the Lord, in His mercy, would pour out His Spirit upon His people and utterly transform them so that through them individually and His Church collectively He would be glorified! They longed to be like Christ and were willing to let Him have His way in their lives knowing that nothing was off-limits to His Lordship.

This is not a "safe" prayer; this kind of prayer has the supernatural potential to change everything about us including those things that, in our flesh, we really don't want to change.

The times in which we live bear striking resemblance to the periods preceding prior outpourings of God's Spirit or revival. God still desires and providentially determines to bring glory to the Son through His Church. Our part is to earnestly seek the manifestation of the Lord's glory in our own lives and corporately in His Church regardless of what this may cost us. We beseech the Lord with hope that He will once again be merciful to us sinners. Michael Craven commenting on the Conversation on Revival hosted by the National Revival Network

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