Friday, October 06, 2006

RESOURCE ~ Interactive Introductory Study for Prayer Class

Drawing Closer to God's Heart

A 12-Lesson Study Guide

God wants to talk with you, and He wildly anticipates those precious moments of communication with you. This book is a non-religious guide to understanding prayer that can be used by anyone regardless of where you are in your own journey of faith.

Prayer is a pipeline into God’s heart that often gets clogged up with meaningless thoughts and impressive words. In our book “Drawing Closer to God’s Heart” we will help you take a closer look at exciting, engaging prayer that ensures God’s attention and evokes His responses while cooperating with Him to accomplish His kingdom purposes on the earth. We take you from A to Z in the area of understanding prayer.

It’s time to lay aside old habits and to risk, stretch and ask God for new and fresh approaches to prayer.

  • Do you hunger for God’s presence?
  • Do you know what concerns Him?
  • He’d love for you to draw closer so He can tell you!

In this book you will learn how to make prayer a priority; how to hear what’s rumbling in God’s heart; and how to pray with purpose!

In “Drawing Closer to God’s Heart” we teach you the essence of spiritual warfare, binding and loosing, how to have a personal devotional time, what motivates you to pray. We show you how to pray according to God’s will, how to pray in the Spirit and much more.

ATTENTION LEADERS: We intentionally wrote this interactive book into 12 lessons for individual or small group study.

==> The Characteristics of Prayer
==> Prayer as Intercession
==> Our Motives for Praying
==> The God to Whom We Pray
==> People Who Pray
==> Overcoming the Hurdles
==> A Time and Place for Prayer
==> The Progress of Prayer
==> Empowering Our Prayer
==> Fasting and Prayer
==> Throne Room Prayer
==> Spiritual Warfare Prayer

The Purpose of Prayer
Why God Wants to Pray Through You
The Kinds of Prayer God Never Answers
How to Develop a Daily Personal Prayer Time
How to Hear God’s Voice
How to Use Prayer as a Weapon Against the Devil
Why Answers to Prayer are Sometimes Delayed
And much, much more

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