Wednesday, October 18, 2006

RESOURCE ~ Bridging the Gap: Pastors & Intercessors

Intercessors & Pastors

America’s future rests in the hands of God’s praying people. Even God’s hands are tied if we don’t pray effectively!

As we rebuild the spiritual walls of our cities, watchmen and gatekeepers (intercessors and pastors) must learn to work together in a meaningful partnership. Their respect for and effective communication with each other is critical if the Church is to regain her spiritual integrity, to glorify Christ and demolish the gates of hell.

In our book “Intercessors and Pastors: The Emerging Partnership of Watchmen and Gatekeepers” you will:

+ Learn why division between pastors and intercessors is found the world over, and how it can be resolved.
+ Discover the keys to developing strategic relationships that will be able to withstand the assaults of hell.
+ Read what the future holds for this powerful partnership!

==> Let the Healing Begin
==> The City Walls
==> The Ancient Gates
==> Watchmen and Gatekeepers
==> Becoming a House of Prayer
==> Understanding Intercessors
==> What Intercessors Need from Their Pastors
==> What Pastors Need from Their Intercessors
==> The Conclusion of History

101 Ways to Mobilize Prayer
Pastoral/Church Covenant for Prayer Journey Participants
Team Covenant for Prayer Journey Participants
Personal Information Form for Prayer Journey Participants

What Some Christian Leaders are Saying About This Book:

Pat Robertson, CEO, Christian Broadcasting Network says, “I believe every
Christian leader and praying Christian will find this book helpful in fueling the
Great Commission of our Lord."

Paul Cedar, CEO, Mission America says, “This is the book that many of
us have been waiting for. I believe that the linking of the ministries of the
pastor and intercessor is vitally important for the advancement of our
Lord’s Kingdom.”

Cindy Jacobs, co-founder, Generals of Intercession says, “This is a
remarkable book. God is going to use it to bring the healing between
intercessors and pastors that I have longed for.”

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Blessings, Eddie and Alice
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